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Fashionomics Friday - Featured Fashionista is The Style Within

Malinda, from The Style Within, is a blogger after my own heart.  We first met in real life (funny how you feel like you know someone just from spending time on their blog) in the toilets at a Myer event - how glamorous!).

The unofficial crowned queen of Kmart, Malinda's bargain shopping skills are second to none.  Her blog is a little ray of sunshine and reading it makes me feel like I'm sat with Malinda with a cuppa.  Here she shares some of her Fashionomics advice on how to look great and spend very little.

What has been your best buy so far this year and how often do you wear it?

That would have to be my $10 black jumpsuit from Kmart! I have worn it quite a few times now and it is definitely a go to outfit when I’m not sure what to wear. I love that it can dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It’s super comfortable and also works really well going from day to evening, just need to bring a jacket and I’m good to go. Plus how good was the price!

To thrift or not to thrift?

Well the answer to this question is a huge YES! I love it. I have actually found myself heading back into the op-shop’s more and more this year. Spurred on by fabulous Re-styler’s such as yourself! I love that you never know what you might find and I am pleased to say I have found quite a few beautiful items so far.

Save or Splurge – what item do you think it’s worth spending more money on and why?

I was going to say shoes but if I’m completely honest I don’t own any shoes over $50 so that’s not it!. I think it’s worth splurging on classic pieces for your wardrobe like coats and blazers. Good quality classic styles that you won’t have to keep re-purchasing each season. Jeans are another big splurge for me. I find it to hard to find a pair I like so when I do I don’t mind spending a little extra. I also can’t resist splurging on an evening dress every now and then! If I love it then of course I have to have it!

If you could give us one piece of Fashionomics advice to look great without spending the childrens’ inheritance, what would it be?

Find your style! As I get older it’s less important to be wearing what’s in fashion all the time plus I don’t have a huge budget for clothes. Now that I know what I like and what suits me before I buy anything I do a mental run down of what I have a home that I can wear with the item I’m looking at! I look at clothes all the time and tend to keep my eye on certain stores waiting for clothes to be marked down or on sale! I usually get what I’m after without having to wait to long. Unless I really really want something, then I buy it straight away! My best advice is to just always be on the look out, try different stores because you never know what you might find. And most importantly if it makes you feel good when you put it on then buy buy buy!!

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  1. Great post, love Malinda's style. I should have a fitness fashion budget post to link up next week.

  2. Love Malinda's style and her bargains! X

    1. Thanks Jasmine! The feeling is very mutual xx

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me Vicki! I love that our first meeting was in the toilets, treasured memories! Also will I be getting some sort of crown ( unofficially ) if yes can it be a flower crown!
    Seriously though, thanks again for having me xxx


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