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Cheaper by the dozen: Super Cool Sunglasses for under $50

Love designer sunnies, but one of the following always happens?

"You sit on them.

You leave them in a bar/beach/train/somewhere…..

Your child snaps them in two.

The dog eats them.

You throw them at the windscreen in temper when the kids just won't stop arguing (oh.  Is that just me, then?)"

Yes, it's coming towards Autumn, but we all know that sunglasses make you look way cooler even if it's cloudy  AND they have the added advantage that you can wear JUST lipstick and look like you've totally done your warpaint.

Here are my top ten favourites right now for under $50 each - some are so cheap you'll want to buy them twice just in case the dog does eat them.

One: Fifties half frame Sunglasses, Equip, $24.95 | Two: Lasata Floral Sunglasses, Sportsgirl $39.95 | Three: Sunglasses | Four: Cats Eye Sunglasses, ASOS , $19.50 | Five: Penelope Sunglasses by Quay, The Iconic, $23.50 on sale* | Six: Lizzie Metal Cat's Eye Sunglasses, Cotton On $14.95 | Seven: Grace Cat's Eye Sunglasses, Cotton On $14.95 | Eight: Aviator Sunglasses, Colette Hayman, $19.95 | Nine: Isabel Sunglassses by Quay, The Iconic, $50*  | Ten: Holly Sunglasses, Cotton On, $14.95 | Eleven: Seed Heritage Sunglasses, $9.95 on sale | Twelve: Pour it Up Sunglasses, The Iconic, $29.95*

Even if they did only cost you a few bucks, here's a couple of tips to keep your sunnies looking good.

-if they don't come with a case, buy a hard one to keep the lenses from getting scratched in your bag.
-it sounds bizarre, but taking them off with one hand will eventfully bend the frame, so take them off Holly Golightly style with both hands.
-using them as a headband will stretch the frame....but I do this all the time!
-metal frames in particular will loosen at the joints quickly so invest in one of those tiny screwdrivers that fit on your key ring - all good shoe Menderes will sell them.

Do you invest in designer sunnies or are you more of a one season wonder girl?


  1. Ahh I loooove sunnies of all shapes and sizes! These are great picks. And thanks for the tips too, I need to get myself one of those tiny screwdrivers!

  2. Great post. I'm as blind as a bat these days and need my script in my sunglasses, which limits my choices and the expense side of things makes me want to put them under lock & key.

  3. I find it hard to find a pair of sunnies to fit my tiny pin head so I tend to hang on to them for at least a few seasons! Sometimes I'm lucky and can get a $5 pair of Kmart specials to change it up a bit!


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