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#TFMFIT - 5 Anti-Hipster Breakfasts for under 300 calories

I don't like quinoa porridge.  Or Chia (does it need a capital letter?  I feel like it does even though I'm not entirely sure what it is).  I can't stomach soy milk and the thought of green smoothies makes me run for the hills.

I'm sure all of the above are incredibly healthy and overflowing with supernaturally good vitamins and stuff.  I can't help but feel that people are only eating them because it's cool (did I really just say that out loud?) not because they taste good.

I'm trying to shift a bit of post-Christmas weight and I know that breakfast is really important to get your body revved up for the day.  I struggle to eat really early and don't get hungry until around 9am,  but by then I'm ready for something tasty and satisfying.

I have a friend who whizzes up green stuff in her nutribullet and I have one that only eats Weetbix everyday.  I like to think I sit somewhere in between these extremes.

Here are my top five, high protein (ALWAYS high protein at brekkie time as it keeps the 11am munchies at bay) breakfast for anti-hipsters*.  They all come in at under 300 calories which is the perfect amount for starting the day.  They don't involve any freaky ingredients and your children will probably eat them too - result!  Most of the ingredients you'll have in the kitchen already so no impromptu trips to the health food store either.

*you can also eat them if you have a beard and drink craft beer.

1. Banana Protein Smoothie

2. Scrambled eggs and Spelt Toast.

3. Greek Yoghurt Parfait.

4. Cheesy Omelette with Grilled Cherry Tomatoes.

5. Boiled Eggs and Bagel.

Tell me, what do you eat for breakfast?  Do you mix it up or have the same thing everyday?


  1. I vary my breakfasts between omelettes, poached eggs with spinach, scrambled eggs, cereal with fruit or smoothies. Every Sunday we also have Sunday Pancakes as a family.

    1. Sounds very similar to mine, except we have a full english at the weekend! Everyone looks a bit of bacon and egg in our house.

  2. I'm such a breakfast dodger. Like you, I'm not really hungry until later in the morning, and on my three work days per week, I don't have the time available in the morning anyway! This leads to panic-buying banana bread and other unhealthy options when I arrive in town. I am, however, seriously considering some kind of Bullet with which to make super healthy smoothies and juices. I just may be able to throw some things together and drink on the go!

    1. I"m with you Beth, if I leave it too long before I eat something I have a carb-driven frenzy! We have the George Foreman Mix and Go which is only around $40 and does a great job of smashing together a smoothie or protein shake in no time at all.

  3. I'm usually not hungry for a big meal in the morning so I grab something quick like the smoothie or yogurt. But I did just make these homemade granola bars that are perfect for my commute! Check out the recipe on my blog!


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