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Fashionomics Friday || Featuring Lauren SAHM I Am

We're back with our Fashionomics Featured Fashionista today, and it's Lauren from SAHM I Am.  Although not strictly a style blogger, Lauren loves to share her bargain finds on Instagram with her followers.  She is a mum to two boys and an avid participator in Frocktober, which is where I stumbled across her fabulous everyday style.

What is your favourite online place to hunt for fashion bargains?
I love to shop online at Boohoo, they always have some sort of discount and I know that the sizing fits me well. They ship almost anywhere in the world too, which is fantastic since I come from little New Zealand.
 What has been your best buy so far this year and how often do you wear it.

Without a doubt, my floral sixties shift dress from Boohoo has been the best buy. Its relaxed fit means I can wear it for everyday use or dress it up with some jewellery and heels. It was under $20 and has been worn at least ten times since I purchased it in September. The style means that it shows off my good bits and skims over my lumpy bits! The black and white print is on trend, as well as a slight pattern clash and paired with my favourite colour- cobalt blue- it makes this dress a winner for me.

To thrift or not to thrift?

I have not bought any clothes from a thrift store in a while- I prefer to use clothes swaps as they seem very popular where I live. I have organised a few myself, and it is a great way to get rid of clothes you no longer need and also get new clothes for yourself at the same time. If you would like to host a clothes swap, I have written a post on how one can be planned here:

 Save or Splurge – what item do you think it’s worth spending more money on and why?

I always spend good money on shoes- these are hard to come by secondhand and I walk at least 5 kilometres every day so I need comfortable shoes! Shoes that are scuffed, worn or past their best seem to drag an outfit down, and the right shoe can always add a fantastic pop of interest to your outfit.

  If you could give us one piece of Fashionomics advice to look great without spending the childrens’ inheritance, what would it be?

The fashion world is full of trends and you have to work out which ones are right for you. I spend the most on classics that I know will see me through all seasons, such as black pants and a pair of jeans, and use my clothes swaps and online discounts for trending pieces. This year I splurged on a whole new summer wardrobe as I had finally finished breastfeeding and was back to my normal weight, but this was done through online stores with discount codes, and I was very ruthless about sending items back if they were not perfect. When purchasing online or secondhand, it is always handy to be or know a good seamstress as well, as a little tailoring can go a long way, If all else fails, a coat of lippy and some bright nail polish always brightens my look!

If you've written a post about "spending less and looking great" link up below - we love to see everyone else's bargains!


  1. Thanks for Hosting Vicki and I couldn't agree more with Lauren's comments about splurging on shoes! Of course given my post this week I would also include handbags in that bucket!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Lauren, just love her style. Lauren has always been extremely supportive of all my style challenges and usually one of the first to jump on board. Speaking of style challenges, share your shorts is still being shared around. We might need to start a new challenge.

    1. Thanks so much, this comment made my day!

    2. Thanks MC, I'll be checking out your latest LBD challenge this week - particularly apt for both of us!

  3. Thank you for the link up!
    I definitely agree that an old pair of shoes doesn't go unnoticed with an outfit. It's probably one of my most common fashion battles. Shoes are just not my favorite thing to buy, but they can make or a break an outfit!


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