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Fashionomics Friday - Leather for Less

As much as I like a good bargain (hello new Kmart sandals - all will be revealed next week) there are some things that are worth spending a few extra bucks on.  I think I may've mentioned before that a good bag goes a long way to making a good outfit.  You can chuck on your scruffiest denim cut offs, tee and thongs but add a great quality leather bag and you look like you've totally "nailed it".  Some of my most popular instagram photos have been of my bags, so I think it's only right that we have a little chat about scoring a great one for a great price.

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I know there is a lot of talk of Vegan Leather but I'm sorry, who are you trying to kid?  It's just pleather for the PC, right?  I get not wearing leather for your beliefs - completely your choice, but I think rebranding plastic or PVC as Vegan Leather must be one of the marketing coups of the year.  I am of the old fashioned school of thought that leather lasts, it wears well and you can completely tell the difference.  It's like Coca Cola and Woolies own brand - no comparison.

That said, you don't have to go all Mulberry on our ass to get yourself a good quality leather bag.  There is a lot of choice out there that fits out Fashionomics theory of looking good whilst spending less.  You're not going to get one for twenty bucks, but it is going to last you a good few years so I think it's worth spending the extra.

The few I'm sharing below are all leather, they are under $200 which is a great price point and they are all classic shapes and colours that will not date.

Go ahead and bag yourself an investment piece and yes, that was totally intentional.

Status Anxiety Passing Moment Bag, The Iconic $195.30* || Dani Clutch, Jessica Bratich $119.95 || The Leather Satchel Company Pixie Cross Body Bag $111.54 || Mini Cross Body Bag in Navy, ASOS $96.16|| Tan Poppy Tote, Colette Hayman $159.95* || Toni Bianco Kavi Leather Fold Over Clutch, The Iconic $149.98*

What do you think about investment bags?  Do you have a few great ones or a wardrobe full of fashion hotties to tempt you?


  1. Totally agree Pleather doesn't do it for me. I'm obsessed with high end bags and love my Chanel & Dior. Also Bali is a great place for bargain leather ... and it's custom!

  2. I have a few friends that look down on leather and I do have the odd pleather bag in my collection but much prefer leather.

    I've linked up my LBD challenge this week because I managed to include a few $20 bargain buys in this week's lineup.

  3. I'm in the market for a high-end investment bag . . . I just have to decide which one!

  4. Oh wow, that tan tote is the thing my summer dreams are made of!!!


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