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We are still in January right?  Christmas seems a million years ago and I can't wait for the weather to start cooling down.  Humid days in Perth completely wipe me out and I feel as limp as a dishrag.  Not only that my hair goes completely crazy and  I end up looking a little like this.

Classic Friends - Monica plays table tennis
I'm not letting the heat or the humidity get in the way of my mission to get fitter this year.  I'm sticking to my early morning walks and getting them in before the heat of the day turns us all to mush.  It's been awesome to see all of you Fit Fashionistas posting your fit pics on instagram - everyone can join in with #tfmfit.

I wanted to share with you today some fabulous Fashionomic fitness wear.  It'd be awesome if we could all get our sweat on in the latest designer gear, but sometimes the budget doesn't allow and we need to shop the cheaper end of the scale.

Here are my top three places to score cool fitness wear for a Fashionomic price.

Michelle Bridges One Active for Big W

I love this range!  Not only in is really fresh and funky looking, it comes in a huge range of sizes and styles.  The range is constantly being refreshed which means you can almost always nab some of the stuff on sale, making it ridiculously good value.  

The 3/4 length capri pants are a great buy and most have a little zip pocket which I find essential for my keys.

I haven't tried the sports crops as my girls need a fair bit of support, but they look perfect for the less well endowed lady.

There isn't a huge range online at the moment, making me thing that they are restocking with new designs but here are a couple of items that caught my eye.

Laser Cut Tank, reduced to $20 (available in pink, also)


It's no secret that Kmart is always on my hit list when I'm bargain hunting.  Their latest fitness offering are pretty special, with fabulous prints and great little waterproof jackets for just $25.

Trying to find decent photos of Kmart clothes is a bit like trying to smoke an elephant, because they don't sell online.  However, I can attest that if you go and check out the range in your local store, you won't be disappointed.

Double Layer Tank, Kmart, $10

Designer Outlets

If you really can't bear to work out without another woman's name adorning your bod (I actually thought that there were loads of girls called Lorna Jane when I first came to Oz 4 years ago!), then you need to get yourself down to a designer outlet.

We have one in Perth, recently rebranded as Water Town which has a great range of stores including;

Lorna Jane
Jim Kidd
and Everlast

The prices are normally ridiculously low - think the last fews of the sales kind of prices.

I know there are these kind of outlets Australia wide so hopefully you have one near you, and if you don't, then there's always the treasure trove that is Ebay (always be a buyer, selling is a nightmare!).

Mystery Case is just launching her latest Style Challenge and it's all about fitness!  You can share you fitness style with the hashtag #fitfashionfinds.  I really need to get some new fitness threads so I'll be sharing mine.

Do you save or splurge on your fitness wear?

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  1. Your #tfmfit is really helping me move more. I'm still not moving enough but it's a great start considering. As you know I'm casing fitness fashion this month, so I will be back with something to link up soon. I've been eyeing off that black and pink top but they didn't have my size.


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