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Fashionomics Friday Featured Fashionista is The Fabulous Femme

I've spent the majority of this week messing around in parks and playgrounds with my kids. As much as I know it makes me feel better to make an effort with my outfit, I'll freely admit that somedays I've looked less "Street Style" and more "Living on the Streets Style".  My outfits have most defintley not been photo-worthy every day!

Fairly recently I came across a beautiful blog filled with unimaginably gorgeous photos by the name of the Fabulous Femme.  It is definitely a fashion blog, but not as you know it.  Penned and pictured by Souri Sengdara, Fabulous Femme is a delight to look at and an inspirational place to hang out.  Souri shares her positive beliefs through her words and pictures - trust me, it's a blog to add to your reading list straight away.

I quizzed Melbourne based Souri on her sense of style and how she looks amazing without always blowing the budget.

      What is your favourite online place to hunt for fashion bargains?

     Ebay! You can’t beat the prices and variety there! It pays to know what your size is in the labels that you’re after, as I’ve made purchases which haven’t fit on a few occasions! Make sure you purchase from sellers with positive feedback as I’ve also received shoddy goods!

French Dressing

What has been your best buy so far this year and how often do you wear it?
I    I’ll have to admit that through fashion blogging, (apart from my everyday essentials) I don’t get to wear my outfits too many times over as I generally don’t like to feature an outfit twice. I do love my black lace dress from Mossman (an Australian label) which I’ve worn twice already. It’s so feminine and black and looks like it cost a lot more than what I paid for it! I’d like to wear it again! What I have worn a lot are my super comfy Windsor Smith croc textured sandals. I bought two pairs, one in black and one in white as they were half price online! It’s always heels for heading out to an event but I’m in comfy flats most days. My feet and back don’t cope too well with constant heel-wearing!

Romantic Getaway in Melbourne

To thrift or not to thrift?

     Definitely thrift! I’m not one to be in need of the latest thing. I’m happy to wait for a sale or purchase off e-bay. That way, I can have so many more outfits at a fraction of the cost. There was a time when I used to splurge, spending a fortune on a single outfit. Clothes are normally half their original value once they have been worn once. There are plenty of items on e-bay which the owner has worn once or twice and still look brand new! I’m someone who also sells off items in excellent condition.

    Save or Splurge – what item do you think it’s worth spending more money on and why?

    Good leather bags. Wait for a sale if you don’t want to pay full price, but it’s so worth it. Polyester bags just don’t last and don’t have the look and feel of good quality leather ones. I’m a huge fan of Oroton leather goods as their quality is up there with the bags from top designers - without the huge price tag! You’ll always be able to get a bargain at their factory outlets. They also have a regular sale on, where you can save 70% on their products. (Ed: Perth based readers can score amazing Oroton bargains at WaterTown in the city)

     If you could give us one piece of Fashionomics advice to look great without spending the childrens’ inheritance, what would it be?

     Sign up to newsletters from your favourite fashion labels so that you are promptly informed of their sales. This way you’ll get your fashion fix at discount prices. Also pick timeless pieces which you can wear over and over again. Sorry, that was two pieces of advice! 

If you've shared any great Fashionomics advice on your blog or have a fabulous purchase you're dying to share, link up below!


  1. The pink coat is amazing!!!

  2. OK- now I need a leather bag! Love her blog, thanks for sharing.


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