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5 Simple Ways to Make You Love Your New Perfume Even More

Did you get new perfume for Christmas?  Lucky you!!  We had a bit of a present embargo at our place so it was sock, jocks and chocs all round!

If you did get new perfume, I've got five easy ways to make you love it even more than you already do.

Boxing Clever. 

I know it's really tempting to chuck the box away and put the beautiful bottle on your dressing table for all to see. Unfortunately, this is the easiest way to spoil your new fragrance.  Over time, the sunlight will degrade the perfume and eventually alter the scent.  There's no going back from this - once a fragrance is ruined, it's only good for using as a toilet freshener.

There's a really easy way to make your perfume last for years, though, and that's simply keep it in its box!   You can still put it out on display, but always return it to the box after you've used it.  If you're really serious about making it last, keep it in your closet, like me and it will keep its original smell for a really long time.

This is a photo of some of my perfumes.

Time is of the essence.

The best time to apply your fragrance is when you've just dried off, after a shower - your skin will be warm and will absorb the scent, making it last longer.  Also, if you use it when you're dressed, although it won't stain your clothes, it will fragrance them, which is annoying if it's a dry-cleanable item that you want to wear another time.

Where to wear it?

Until recently, I sprayed my perfume into my hair, thinking it would give everyone a delicious waft every time I did a "Is she, isn't she?" hair toss.  Apparently, due to the alcohol in the perfume, this is a really bad idea - I don't need to make my hair any drier than it already is!

These are the ideal places to splash your scent, and contrary to popular opinion, rubbing your wrists together like a grasshopper doesn't affect the development of the perfume.

Pick a couple of spots, not all of them - you don't want to overdo it.
  • Wrists
  • Back of the knees (tricky one, this!!)
  • Nape of your neck (good alternative to the hair one)
  • the crooks of your arms
These spots are your natural pulse points, making them naturally warmer, so the perfume develops well in these areas.

Reapply with caution.

Just because you can't smell your fragrance after an hour or two, doesn't mean that everyone else can't either.  You brain "moves on" after an hour or so, so that it can get on with processing the next smell, meaning that it forgets to process the smell of your perfume.  With most fragrances, every 3 or 4 hours is plenty of time to reapply.

Keep it a secret.

I had this conversation with a friend recently about whether it's weird to buy the same perfume as someone you know.  She loved the smell of Clinque's Aromatics on her friend and we decided that it was just too "Single White Female" to buy the same fragrance.  I used to have a friend who always wore Angel and I still think of her whenever I smell it.  I can't wear it as it's "her" scent.

So, next time someone admires your perfume and asks what it is, act dumb and pretend you've forgotten - you don't want a scent stalker in your life!

Do you have any fragrance tips that you'd like to share?


  1. I find perfumes smell different on other people; many years ago I had a friend admire Noa on me, had it bought for her as a gift (I didn't mind!) and it smelt like Glen 20 on her.

  2. Haha, great story Beth! It's weird how different fragrance can smell on someone else.

  3. I just put my perfumes away from sunlight in my drawer after reading this. Thanks for the tips :)

  4. Still thinking about my signature fragrance that I ran out of far too long ago.... but I refuse to pay full retail for it, so alas I wait till I get overseas for duty free restocking!!
    xx Jenelle


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