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Cheaper By The Dozen - 12 Chuckonable Summer Dresses for under $80

So, it's definitely summer then.  Long, lazy days hanging out with the kids.  Picnics, beaches, play dates and dog walks call for easy dressing.  And nothing is easier than a "chuckonable dress".  

A chuckonable dress has to be the following:

-Loose enough to be comfortable on the hottest of days

-Breathable fabric

-Wearable with a standard bra - strapless bras and hot sweaty days are not a match made in heaven

-Look as good with thongs on the beach as it does with wedges for a coffee date

-A great pattern hides a multitude of "child-induced" stains.  Hello, chocolate ice-cream

-Pockets would be an absolute bonus!

Here are my pick of the best, all under $80 each.
Do you have a favourite summer dress that fits my chuckonable agenda?


  1. Love the theme of this post - exactly how I am feeling at the moment in the heat! I have a fun palm print chuckonable dress from Next which I am wearing all the time at the moment. I love the Bohemian Traders ones you've selected as well as that ASOS maxi and stripey Target one. Xo

    1. Thanks BSM, I'm wearing a chuckonable right now - an H&M striped jersey one from Salvo.

  2. That's what I call an "Everywhere Dress" :-). My faves are the Witchery short stripey one, and the Iconic long stripey one - but I'm also eyeing off that Hi Lo maxi from Millers - $15 are you serious?!

    1. I know, $15? It's definitely worth checking out for that price!


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