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Today I Wore | White Jeans and Chambray

I remember wearing these jeans to meet a group of mummys when my middle daughter was just 6 months old.  That means that these have been kicking around my wardrobe for around 8 years.  You can tell that I don't wear them often because they are clean!

White jeans can be a little bit scary for a few reasons;

  • they attract dirt like I attract "interesting" people on train journeys 
  • if the fabric is not thick enough they show way too much - panty lines, cellulite...all those things that we like to keep to ourselves
  • if the cut isn't right they're not the most flattering of garments.

Chambray Dress, similar here, $29 || Striped Tee Kmart, similar here || White Jeans, similar here, $29.98 ||  White slides Kmart, similar here $27.96*

However, I'm here to tell you that even if you have thighs-a-plenty, like me, there is a white jean for you and a right way to wear it.

These are my tips for rocking them for summer.  Sonia Styling recently wrote about white jeans, and she has some fabulous pointers as well.

Skinny, but not spray on.  Unless you have thighs of steel and no jiggle, then a skinny (almost straight) cut is the most flattering.  Not the kind you have to lie on the bed to wriggle into, and certainly not super-tight at the ankle - there's a good reason for this... I also like the idea of some boyfriend ones, but haven't seen any that fit the bill yet.

Cuff it good.  A deep cuff works particularly well on white jeans.  I think it may be the slightly nautical theme and looks like you're about to go paddling in the sea at any point.  It also has the advantage of showing off a little ankle bone which is always a good thing.

Get your feet out.  I mean, you probably will anyway, as it's summer, but make sure your shoes show some foot flesh.

Loose layers.  To dress down white jeans you can't go past a stripey tee.  To add a little interest (and cover my arse) I've added a chambray sleeveless dress that I'm wearing open.  As long as the layers are not too heavy, this look will work on the warmest of days.

Will you be wearing white jeans this summer?

1 comment:

  1. Love the white jeans. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair for my short shape.
    Looks fab with the chambray!
    C x


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