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Thriller Live in Perth - a review

Sometimes, in life you get offered opportunities that are too good to pass up.  When I was asked to review the latest stage show to hit Perth, I jumped at the chance.  And then I realised that it was all about Michael Jackson.  Hmmm.

Throughout my childhood, the music of MJ washed over me without making much of an impression at all.  I was too busy being cool and listening to David Bowie and Siouxsie Sioux.  MJ was too mainstream for me, with my Doc Martens and crimped hair.  

Now that I'm all grown up (sometimes!), I'd like to say that I appreciate all kinds of music without having that "all or nothing" mentality of a child.  And that's why I accepted my two tickets to the preview of Thriller Live without rolling my eyes and bleating about not liking the "King of Pop".

Image of previous cast member
Thriller Live, showing at the Crown Theatre until 21st December is a celebration of the music of Michael Jackson.  From his motown roots though to his pop of the 1990's, the show features all of the  high points of his career, and of course, none of the lows.  

Image Credit: ThrillerLive

The cast, headed by a handful of incredibly talented singers say that they're not MJ impersonators but want to add their own flavour to the songs.  It is difficult, though, not to compare every vocal performance to the original.   Some of the vocalists were better than others, and just like any of your favourite groups, be it 1D or The Wiggles, you'll always have your favourite.  For me, Samantha Wilson stood out with her motown performances.

There was a smattering of audience participation (I felt the crowd wanted more!), a good selection of popular MJ songs (though my Jackson-obsessed date for the night professed not to know one of the songs in the first half!), and the dancing was spectacular.  It's certainly a show for all the family, with over two hours of entertainment and the kids in the row in front of us were dancing in their seats the whole time.

Audience be like this

The cast gave a couple of well-received encores, and I thought at one moment they were going to wrap things up without performing the title song of the show, but perform it they did and it was my favourite part of the night.  I'm going to say again that the dancing was amazing, with lots of classic MJ action.  It struck me how much of an influence he had on the music and dancing of today's stars as I was watching the dancers busting his iconic moves.

Thriller Live is one of those shows where the more you put in, the more you get out - just ask the audience members who stood and danced for the whole time!  I've not come away from Thriller Live with a new found love for the King of Pop, but it was a great evening and a must-see for all MJ fans.

Tickets can be purchase here.


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