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The Best Free Gift you can Give this Christmas

It's now less than two weeks until the Big Day.  Are you ready?  Are you all shopped out?  Are your halls decked with bows of holly and your bells jingling all the way?  I've got to admit that, finally, I'm ready. *almost*.  There are still pressies to wrap and food to buy, but apart from that I can now sigh with relief and put my feet up with a large Baileys over ice.

This morning, after dropping the big kids off at school, one of the mums who I don't know particularly well came up to me and told me that she always looks at me, and thinks I look so nice all of the time.  And it made my morning.  I smiled and accepted the compliment, rather than brush it off with a "what this old thing?" or "thanks, but look at the state of my hair!"

For the record, I'm wearing a top from Target's sale for $14, trousers from Katie's for $17 and my new Big W sandals which were $15.  So, obviously I'm not dripping in designer clothes!

It got me to thinking that at this time of year when we're all rushing around trying to be supermom, that maybe the best gift we can give our friends, family, acquaintances is a compliment.  Ask where they had their hair done, or tell them you like their shoes.

Make someone's day with a compliment.

It's not as easy as it sounds though, is it?  Sometimes you see someone whose hair looks simply amazing and you're dying to tell them, but something stops you.  What is it?  Embarrassment?  Worried that you'll look like a stalker?  I've got a couple of pointers to help you give the gift of a compliment without sounding like a weirdo.

  • Be sincere.  If you love their shoes, simply tell them.  Everyone loves to be told they're amazing.
  • Don't give a compliment unless you mean it.  If you say you like their jacket, but you actually think it's revolting, you run the risk of sounding insincere and a bit strange.
  • Compliment someone on something you know they're proud of.  For example, if you see someone out jogging and they look strong and fit, tell them!  I always think I look awful when I'm out running, sweaty and red, so this would be a great compliment to me.
  • Don't do it every day.  Otherwise you will, indeed, seem like a stalker!
  • Don't imitate.  Seriously, it's not a compliment to blatantly copy someone else's style.  I worked with a couple of girls years ago that bought everything I did.  Not nice.

What's the nicest compliment you've received lately?

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