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The Best Books for Little Girls (and Big ones, too!)

I wasn't going to write any gift guides this year - the internet is awash with fabulous lists of fabulous items.  However, there is one present that I LOVE to get every year and that's a new book.  All of my children love to get new reading matter too (the husband? Meh, that's another story...).

I decided to do a quick gift guide for all things relating to the written word.

Little Girls 

Although I have no problem with my girls reading about fairies and improbable princesses, I think it's great that, once in a while, they get to read something with a bit of Oomph.  Something that makes them really proud to be the female of the species.

1.  Girls think of everything.
A fabulous book about the women inventors who have come up with amazing things that have impacted all of our lives in all kinds of marvellous ways.  Age 8-12.

2.  The Hundred Dresses, Eleanor Estes. 
Written in 1945, this poignant story relates the tale of Wanda, a Polish girl in an American school who is ridiculed for wearing the same dress every day. She claims to own one hundred dresses, but the bullies see through her lies.  She is pulled out of school and one of Wanda's classmates, Maddie decides she will "never stand by and say nothing again".  It's a timeless classic with a moral that all little girls will relate to.

3. Matilda, Roald Dahl.
An unlikely heroine, Matilda is bullied by her parents for being too bright and picked on by a vile teacher at school.  She ultimately gets the happy ending that every little girl desires.  Such a great page turner in classic Roald Dahl style.

“Matilda said, "Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it's unbelievable...” 

4. Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli.
A book about acceptance and non-conformity aimed at young teens.  Mica, or Stargirl, is mysterious and misunderstood and her classmates do what lots of children do when they don't understand something. They shun it, and fear it.  I'm buying this book for when we girls are a little older.

Big Girls

Mums, Aunties, big sisters, there's something for everyone here.

1. Unlock your Style, Nikki Parkinson.
A superb style handbook for those women who have a yearning to look fabulous but have little idea where to start.  It features some great advice on building a wardrobe, starting with the absolute basics.  A great read and a lovely book to have on your shelf to refer back to when you need a little style inspiration.

2. Art and Sole, Jane Gershon Weitzman.
A stunner of a book filled to the brim with the most imaginative fantasy shoe illustrations you've ever seen.  A great gift for art lovers and shoe fetishists alike, this book is should be gracing everyone's coffee table this Christmas.

3.  The Help, Kathryn Stockett.
If you haven't already seen the movie, then read the book.  An inspiring, heartbreaking and uplifting tale of 1960's Mississippi when the world was unfair and unjust.  A world where black maids would raise white children but had to use a separate outside toilet.  Totally unputdownable.

4. How to Look Expensive, Andrea Pomerantz Lustig.
This is the book I wish I'd written.  Packed with the best information on how to look good whilst spending less, from the top of your head down to your shoes (literally).  I read this over and over (usually in the bath.  Usually with a glass of wine) for inspiration.  Love it.

I'm giving away a copy of Art and Sole today to one lucky Perth-based reader.  All you have to do is comment below and tell me what your all time favourite book is.  You can enter on Facebook too.  Good luck!


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  2. I have a little On The Book Case post and giveaway on the blog tomorrow as well.

    My girls have all requested books and money for Christmas this year but it's so hard to know what to buy. Thanks for the suggestions.

    My all time favourite book is Pride and Prejudice, I was in year 2 when I first read it. I'd finished all the school readers in the one session and the teacher gave me her book to read. It was the first time I hide under the covers with a torch late at night and read from start to finish. Possibly a tad over my head at that age, it was a sign that I'd at least moved on from the boring Tom and Kate style books.

  3. Oh thanks so much Vicki for including my book - so appreciated!


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