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GIVEAWAY - Cut your ironing time in half with

You all know how much I love online shopping, right?  I've written countless posts featuring amazing online stores that always have the best bargains and the best sales.  

I'm going to make a small confession now, laugh if you must, but I guarantee, if you do this, you will save money!  I have a special folder in my inbox where all my online shopping emails go to.  Every special offer, every sale, wings its way to this folder which means they don't clutter my work emails and I can find all the good stuff in one place.

In the run up to Christmas, child number three declared her undying (until boxing day, at least) love for a particular toy.  Her life, all six years of it, was not going to be complete unless she was united with Cuddles, the Giggly Monkey.  Now, unfortunately, this was last year's number one toy and was particularly difficult to track down.  Coupled with the fact the RRP was $119, I was getting more and more reluctant to keep hunting.  I found it in one of the big department stores, but it was ninety bucks - not enough of a discount for me to be persuaded to purchase.

Then I got an email from, advertising a day when shipping was capped at $3.  Guess what?  They had the delightful Cuddles for just $69.95 - kerching.  Monkey bought, daughter happy, wine drunk in celebration. offer a staggering selection of goods, over 35,000 in fact.  They've been offering shameless good value to Australian online customers for over 10 years, meaning their customer service is so finely honed to be faultless.

With over 2,000 perfume items and over 5,000 skincare items it was a little difficult not to get distracted whilst toy shopping.  A great, honest return policy and trackable shipping makes shopping at pretty damn pleasurable.

Today, thanks to I'm giving away the most spectacular Steam Station (it's  so much more than just an iron!), it makes my old one look like it's from the dark ages.  It's worth an amazing $429, but you can find it at at a reduced price of $379.95.

Redcliffe Style recently said on my Fashionomics Friday that:

 "I hate to say this because I am the worst at this but wash your clothes according to instructions and use an iron. Well maintained, well presented clothes always look amazing."

The Sunbeam ProGlide 7000 has a separate steam pod that the iron sits on top of and 5 bar pressure - I had no idea what that meant 'til I googled it and believe me, it's impressive!

Of course the proof of the pudding comes in the ironing - and it is just awesome.  Everyone hates ironing, particularly on a hot Perth day like today.  The ProGlide 7000 is so efficient it really did reduce my ironing time significantly. It's not too heavy (which means my 10 year old son can have a crack at his own t-shirts) and it has an auto-power off which is great for those who get distracted by other me.

If you'd like to win one of these fancy schmancy irons, all you need to do is hop across to and let me know what you'd buy yourself if you found fifty bucks in your jeans pocket.

Comment below!

This giveaway closes on 7th January at 5pm.  It is open to Australian residents only, and you can enter more than once.  The best comment (not judged by me) will be informed by the 8th January.

Good luck!!!

*I was gifted a ProGlide Steam Station for editorial consideration and was not paid for my opinions.



  1. If I found $50 in my pocket i would have to buy the lagoon shaped inflatable pool, and spend the rest on my cheap ass wine (only because I'm a cheap date and I'd get through half a bottle and I'd be anyone's.... Yup that cheap!) . I would invite my mummy friends over so we can all enjoy the inflatable pool whilst sipping on my nasty wine trying to ignore the fighting/screaming going on inside my house from our kids, all class here but only a mum can dream right?

    1. Bell, I'm delighted to tell you that you've won our amazing giveaway! Can you please get in touch with your postal address -

    2. Omg wow ! Excited much eeeeek! I'll email you now x

    3. I can't access my emails at the moment, I'll email you off my mum's email. Thanks bell

  2. I would put the money towards one of the fans that are currently on special. I'm not enjoying the heat one bit at the moment and it would save hubby having to give up his job to be on call to fan me. ;)

  3. I would buy the Excalibur Outdoor Living Umbrella - Aqua ( it is such a BARGAIN!

    Just perfect for relaxing under with all the free time my new ProGlide Steam Station would give me!

  4. If I found $50 I would buy the Phoenix Fitness Sit Up Bench with Strong Steel Frame, Adjustable Leg Pads & Foam Covers - Exercise Equipment for Home Gym - Blue/Black (F001082-2) to get rid of all the Christmas sweets we had :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. If I found a 50, I would give it to my partner to spend on on what ever she wants, be it wine, a nice chair or even some jewellery. I want the fancy iron, because I think ironing is a man's job!

  7. If I found $50 bucks in my pocket I would buy the Sunbeam Classic 28cm Electric Frypan, priced at $49.95 at It would be a great addition to our kitchen, and will help me in creating sticky chins, happy satisfied tummies, and happy memories that my family and me will cherish forever. Also I get a 5 cent change from my $50 which I might keep as a souvenir. Happy New Year, and thanks to you and for the awesome competition! :)

  8. If I found $50 in my pocket I would get the Pinetti fresh n' fruity frozen desert maker for $19.95, the Aestivo outdoors set of two folding low beach chairs for $9.95 and the Best way comfort quest beach tent in blue for $19.95. I would make myself a nice fruity frozen desert & sit back in the shade of the beach tent in the beach chairs & just relax

  9. If I found $50 in my pocket, I'd probably donate it to the Cat Haven. I can go shopping anytime!

  10. I'd purchase the Oregon Scientific Around The World Pedometer. My 2015 plan is to continue on my health kick and lose those excess kilos before spring so i'm summer fit and ready! This would be a great way to keep track of my progress and its oh so pretty!

  11. If I found fif-tee
    and I could spend it with Glee
    I'd put my shopping skills to the test
    And buy the Hyatt desk
    Then I'd do some more searching on OO
    and get hubby to iron his own clothes before work he had to go


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