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Long Lasting Lipsticks and how to wear them

As much as I love a sheer, glossy lip, sometimes it's nice to have a lipstick that lasts a bit longer.  The market is awash with long lasting formulas of all different types, but the one thing that unites them all is the effect they have on your lips.  By their very nature, long-lasting lipsticks are drying - if they weren't they'd slide off, right?

Before I give you my picks of the ones out there, here are my tips to get your lips ready and willing to take on those lippies.

- Start the night before (yeh, because you're that organised, right?).  But if you are, after you've brushed your teeth, give your lips a going over with your toothbrush to remove any dry patches and apply a good slathering of lip balm

- Go old school.  In the morning I use a flannel to wash my face and use it to give my lips an extra exfoliation.  It might sound old fashioned, but it gets my circulation going and is just abrasive enough to remove any dry skin from your lips.  I've heard that sugar and honey mixed together make a great lip exfoliator but I don't keep either in the bathroom so it ain't gonna happen.

-Moisturise again.  But this time, after you've applied some lip balm, blot it off with a tissue to stop your lips from being greasy.

-Smile!  I find that one of the most important tips for applying a long lasting lipstick is to stretch your lips into a joker-style grin.  It helps to fill the natural creases in the surface of your lips and prevents the colouring looking "cracked".

-Get it off! These lipsticks sometimes take a little elbow grease to get them off.  I use a bit of eye make-up remover and that usually does the trick.

Are you ready to give one a try?  Here are the top three types of lip colour that promise to last the distance.

The double whammy.
Probably the original long-lasting lipstick that's been around the longest is Max Factor's Lipfinity.  It consists of a creamy colour which you apply with a wand, let it dry then apply a glossy top coat.  Until fairly recently, the colours were a bit full on and you couldn't use this for a natural look.  I checked out Priceline a few weeks back and was pleased to see they'd introduced some new colours.

The Matte Lipstick.

There are a huge amount of matte lipsticks on the market, but this one particularly caught my eye as the brand is completely cruelty-free - yay!

ModelCo's Party Proof Lipstick comes in 17 glorious colours and promises to stay put through everything you throw at it.  I've ordered a couple of these so I'll write a review once I've tried them out.

Party Proof Lipstick, $17

Finally, the lip stain - this has a look all of it's own and produces a kind of "flushed" look to the lips.  It lasts really well as it's a kind of ink that sinks into the surface of the lips and you can apply gloss over the top without ruining its longevity.

Another company that is furry-friendly is ELF and their lip stain has been part of my arsenal for quite some time.  For just $5 and in 4 colours, it's a great way to try out a lip stain without shelling out too much cash.

ELF Lipstain, $5

Do you like a long-lasting lipstick?  Share your favourites with me.


  1. I have an arsenal of Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks in all manner of shades and I love them dearly. They have good colour pay-off, don't dry my lips and most importantly, last ages. Because I am lazy, I rarely reapply throughout the day, unless it's a bold statement lip and I remember to slip the tube into my bag before leaving the house. I remember those early days of waking up with my mouth still glued together with Lipfinity in some violent fuchsia shade and taking ages to scrub it off!

  2. I like the Revlon Colour Stay but you are right, they are very drying.

    1. I've not tried the Revlon ones. I think pretty much all brands do one and it's about finding one that suits your lips.


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