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How to wear a black maxi skirt for summer

Doesn't everyone have one of these in their closet?  I'm going to admit, actually, that until last week I didn't.  Until I decided to fill a spare fifteen minutes in my local Salvo and found the most perfect one.

It is Witchery, double layered with silk chiffon layered with matte silk and a knee high split.  It was $8.25.  You hate me now, I'm sure.

I am painfully aware that I look like a very little person in this photo - blame the photographer!

For the record, I didn't think I needed one until I found it and now it feels like it will be the most versatile piece I own.  Yes, last week I was all about the midi but now I can't get enough of the black maxi.

Here are a few inspirations to inspire you to drag your out of the back of your wardrobe and rock it this summer.

Do you have a black maxi and are you wearing it for summer?


  1. I don't have one, but now you've convinced me I NEED one ;)
    What a bargain you snagged yourself!
    LOVE IT!

  2. Don't you love a high-end op shop find! Great score, and I'm well jell. It looks great on too. I find that being short I have to wear maxi skirts quite high so I only have the one at this point . . . I do have a perfectly-lengthed black Rivers maxi which is going to get a workout this summer though!

  3. I couldnt do without mine. Absolutely love it :)


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