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The Fashionable Mum's Favourite Five Finds

Welcome to my mini series which breaks pretty much every rule of blogging that I've come across:

  • it's all about me!
  • it doesn't have any affiliate links so doesn't make me any money
  • it's a mix of fashion, beauty, style and anything else I fancy.
  • it features far too much alliteration (I don't actually think that's a blogging rule, but it made me laugh).
So, without further ado (or any more F words) here are my five favourite finds for October.  I know it's now November, so yes I'm late with the very first one of these posts - oops.

Marina's Ambrosia Anti Ageing Walnut Skin Polish, $25 - this scrub is just about the nicest and the most natural scrub I've used.  I started using it back in May, but then fell off the wagon as I regularly do with my skincare.  I started using it again about a month ago to prep my face for self-tanning and it does an incredible job.  It is gentle but does a great job of getting that "I've just had a facial, aren't I lucky" glow.  You can read more about Marina's other fabulous skincare products here.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Patisserie, $36 - look, now I don't want you to get all excited, but this is by far the best "your lips but better" lipstick I have ever tried.  It's probably best if I don't share with you the full extent of my nude lipstick collection, but it's fair to say that I could probably have purchased a pair of Valentino Rockstuds if I didn't have such an awful obsession with them.

This one was a gift from my father in law on his recent visit across from Scotland.  Mac lippies are just under 16 pounds in Blighty and an eyewatering $36 in Australia.

I wish I'd discovered this colour years ago as it really is perfect on me, and from the online reviews I've read, it's pretty perfect for everyone else as well.

It has no shimmer but is instead an almost gloss, but not completely sheer.  The colour is a pinky nude which is almost the same as my lip colour giving me a made-up not not tried look.  Here it is on me - please excuse the gormless expressions!

Love it and feeling a little worried that I'm going to have to re-purchase when it runs out - I might struggle to sneak that one into the grocery budget!

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Gel, $12.99 - now this product is a bit exciting.  Last year I bought a couple of Garnier self tans which were a mousse.  After a couple of pumps, the mousse was no longer moussey but turned into a kind of brown water - nice.  The lovely people at Garnier offered to replace them with an alternative tan and this was it.

I've only had a chance to use it once but I'm really impressed.  It gives a really natural glow, but isn't so pale that you wonder why you bothered (how annoying is that, when you go through all that bloody prep and application only to find the day after you're still the shade of uncooked pastry?).  Anyway, this one has a teensy bit of fine shimmer which I like.  It looks a bit like glittery vegemite when it comes out of the tube and smells less offensive than most fake tans.  It applies easily and didn't stain my (admittedly rather dry) hands.

I'd highly recommend it for medium skin tones.
Unlock your Style, Nikki Parkinson - $29.99 but currently $19 at Kmart - now I know all my lovely readers visit my blog to get my amazing style advice and check out my outfits, but I'm pretty sure you're all massive fans of Nikki from Styling You.  If you've been living in the basement for the past year, you'll have missed the fact that she is now in print with her book, Unlock your Style.  It's a great read and has some really useful exercises to help you define your personal style and avoid costly fashion mistakes.

I read it over a weekend, so it's easy to digest, but a great book to refer back to when you want a bit of style advice.

Highly recommended for your fashionable friends' Christmas gift.

Jet Empire Imagine Necklace, $85 - as you know, I'm a style ambassador for Jet Empire which means I have the awful job of trying out all of Heidi's new designs - such an arduous task, haha! The imagine necklace is one of her most popular designs and she's just re-released it with a twist.  It now features a beautiful, tactile tassel at the fastening which can be worn to the side or to the back.  It would look incredibly elegant worn at the back with a low-cut evening gown - swoon!

The extender chain can be shortened, too if you want to wear the tassel higher up.  I love this necklace - it looks so simple from the front, but the tassel adds a funky extra.  It is, of course, available in all of Jet Empire's signature colours.  AND, if that's not enough to tempt you, Heidi is offering $20 off your next order of $60 or more until the 9th of November so you better be quick!

What have you bought and loved recently?


  1. I might need to case that lipstick.

  2. That lipstick looks wonderful, and thanks for the self-tan suggestion as I need to get something to fix my pasty white legs.

  3. I loved Nikki's book so much I'm now buying it for others for their birthdays. I like the colour of that MAC lippie, but Miss 17 and I really weren't impressed with the ones we've tried - I even blogged about it:

  4. I'm going to check out the MAC Lustre Lipstick in Patisserie on my next shopping trip! I can always use another nude lipstick.

  5. Isn't Nikki's book great! She is so clever. I think I need to hunt down that lippy, everyone needs a perfect nude that doesn't wash them out. Rachel xx


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