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AlphaStyle || H is for how to rock Harem Pants


Love them or hate them, it looks like harem pants, in all their drop-crotch glory are here to stay.  Once the preserve of the Man Repeller, babies under two and mysterious eastern princesses, they are now as ubiquitous as Havs are on the beaches of Oz.
Do you wear them?  And if you do, are they just your equivalent of trakkie daks or do you dress them up too?  I'm of the opinion, and I'm not the only one, who thinks that harems are a perfectly acceptable trouser shape to wear to any occasion (except swimming, and maybe bike riding....).

I think the trick is knowing how low to go - i.e if you're hanging out in a super cool place full of super cool people then I think a knee high (or low) crotch is perfectly acceptable.  However, if you're about to make a presentation in a corporate environment, then a more tailored harem would hit the spot.  A harem pant to me is more about the cut of the leg (loose through the thigh and tapered at the ankle) than the crotch detailing!

Here's a bit of pinspiration to get your style juices flowing, then I'm going to share my pick of the high street, focussing on summer styles as it's going to be hotter than Hades in a few weeks time in Perth.

L-R 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

When harems hit the high street a few years back, there were all kinds of rules about how to wear them - make sure you wear heels, no boots, you must wear a fitted top, etc, etc.  that's all changed but there are a few pointers that will help you avoid the "I'm still in my PJs look".

Shoe choice is crucial. There's something that doesn't quite work with harems when you can't see a bit of your foot.  Flashing a bit of foot flesh seems to reduce the impact of the voluminous pants, so team them with a low cut vamp on your pump or strappy sandals.  You can wear ankle boots successfully if they are low cut or have a peep toe. If you want to wear a closed in shoe then check the length of the pants show a little ankle bone.

Top it off.  I don't believe you have to pair harems with a fitted top, though if you're confident enough they look amazing with a cropped top.  A looser tee or shirt will work as long as you do a "nonchalant half-tuck" at the front to add some shape.  No idea what I'm talking about?  Check the photo below.

The Half Tuck [image:PopSugar]

No jacket required.  If you do want to wear a jacket with them, choose a cropped length that sits at your hipline or higher, otherwise you can't really see the shape of the pants, and really, that's what this outfit is all about!

Go sports luxe.  These kind of pants are the perfect alternative to leggings or trackies when you have a gazillion chores to do and just need to be running around in sneakers. have a fabulous selection.

There are a few around for the summer and these are my favourites - all under $100 a pair.  I've chosen my favourite types - patterned and basic black.

L-R || The Iconic Kamikaze Pants $41.99 || The Iconic Turkish Harem Pants $59.95 || Katies Soft Harem Pants $39.95

L-R || Glassons Pleat Front Tapered Pant $39.95 ||  Birdsnest Waterfall Harem Pants $99.95 || The Iconic Easy Breezy Harem Pants $79.95 || 

Are you a harems fan?  Give me you tips on how to wear them!

I'll be back next week with the letter "I" for Alphastyle - can you guys what it might be?


  1. I have always cringed at these, but I really like Modern Legacy's look (number 5 above). I also tried on the Glassons ones in the weekend in navy and they were amazingly comfy. Sadly I am doing the Shop What You Got challenge art the moment, otherwise I could have been tempted!

  2. I just bought a pair with a really low drop crotch and I love them so much I wore them twice this weekend!

  3. Great tips. I absolutely love harem pants. I have a couple of pairs, they really are so comfy and easy to dress up and down. x


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