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Fashionomics Friday Featured Fashionista - It's Kimba Likes

Welcome to another Fashionomics Friday - the weeks are flying by and it's terrifying me that it's less than a month until Christmas, eek!

Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes, the Queen of Quirky is joining us today, and sharing her top tips for living fashionomically.

The Kimba Likes blog is a veritable Pandora's Box of fun, frivolity and fashion.  Kimba is a thoughtful thrifter, a bargain hunting babe and her retro-cute style has her followers double clicking with delight.

Over to Kimba!

What is your favourite place to hunt for online bargains?

I love to hunt close to home.  In my own email inbox!  I sign up to lots and lots of notifications from my favourite brands and companies, as well as subscribe to newsletters from new companies and brands which catch my eye.  I also find lots of interesting bargains on Instagram.

To thrift, or not to thrift?

Absolutely without a doubt, thrift!  I give back as much as I purchase, and I have found amazeballs pieces in op shops.  Like a Ginger & Smart cashmere knit for $9 next to a $10 Kmart T shirt.  Vintage Ferragamo heels for a tenner, which just required a good polish and $15 worth of shoe repair love.  I would probably wear a thrifted piece every day.

Save or Splurge – what item do you think it’s worth spending more money on and why?

The piece worth spending money on is the piece you will reach for every day and that makes you feel younger, sexier and happier!  {Ed: LOVE this piece of advice!}  For me, I invest in quality bras because my EnormoBoobs need the extra support.  I regularly replace them because, let's face it, that's a lot to ask from some elastic!  I used to only buy leather shoes, but lately, I've been trialling some "vegan" shoes and I've been really happy with them.  I would always recommend spending as much as you can afford on a really good trench coat because it is something that you will wear and wear and wear for years and always look fabulous in. 

With post Christmas sales on the horizon, give us your best piece of advice on how to shop for the best bargains.

It is not a bargain if you never ever wear it.  Never buy something that doesn't fit (with the exception of a few minor tweaks from a good tailor to get it fitting perfectly).  Don't buy something just because it has been reduced by 85% and is by an amazing designer that you worship - unless you really truly love it.  Even the finest designers have off days. 

Think about cost per wear - applies just as much to cheap and cheerful seasonal pieces as it does to investment pieces.  Do undertake a wardrobe edit before you head for the shops.  Do you need another black blazer, pair of skinny jeans or striped T shirt? What gaps have you got in your wardrobe? Style stalk your favourite shops and online stores to see what's in stock so you can pounce on those pieces you've been coveting for months.  

Don't forget to check your emails for further discount codes.  As my style guru Nikki from Styling You says "don't buy it unless you love it".  Some of my favourite pieces that I've kept for years and years have been impulse sale buys of something completely bonkers!

If you could give us one piece of Fashionomics advice to look great without spending the childrens’ inheritance, what would it be?

How to look like Champagne on a domestic sparkling budget? Confidence goes a really long way!  Expensive doesn't necessarily mean good quality, and cheap doesn't necessarily mean crappy.  Shop around and try new labels and stores.  Check out thrift stores, op shops, vintage boutiques, markets, garage sales et al to pick up pieces not everyone else has. 

My final tip? Look after your clothes.  Hang them or fold them nicely.  Deal with stains and marks straight away.  Wash delicates by hand or on the gentle cycle.  Separate loads - modern machines are designed to use as little water as possible.  It's just not Fashionomics to save time and money by bunging your silk tops in with towels and jeans.

If you don't already follow Kimba (WHAAATTTTT???) she's getting all social at these places:

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  1. Love Kimba's style! And such good advice. I need to invest more in things that I reach for every day. Great post x

    1. Me too Jasmine, so thrilled she was our Featured Fashionista!

  2. Kimba has such vision when it comes to outfit styling!! Gorgeous


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