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Fashionomics Friday - Featuring Jo at iCurvy

Welcome to our Friday link up - all about looking fabulous without spending a fortune, and this week, rather than me sharing me latest bargain buys (trying not to shop this close to Christmas!) I'm featuring one of my favourite bloggers, Jo at iCurvy.

(Top from Cotton On; Skirt second hand from eBay; Heels New Look via ASOS)

Jo was one of the first bloggers I ever followed, and I've been fan-girling her outfits ever since.  Online shopping addict and mum to the cutest button ever, Jo is a down-to-earth fashionista with great taste and a great eye for bargains.  She is also a fellow-stripe-lover which is another reason I love her outfits so much!

1.     What is your favourite online place to hunt for fashion bargains?
I can't resist ASOS, and Dorothy Perkins. All of which run great discount codes (in addition to their already great prices) on a regular basis. They also all carry extended sizing in their clothes - I love a bargain available to everyone - The only size you should have to worry about when bargain hunting is the size of the discount ;)
(Tee from ASOS; Jeans are Lee Cooper via Big W; Jacket is from Tempt; Flats are Target)
I also love that they come with free shipping over a $ spend - another saving.

2.     What has been your best buy so far this year and how often do you wear it?
This year's MVP from my wardrobe has to be this plain colour jersey maxi dress from . It's regular price is just $36 and it came in a variety of on-trend colours as well as basic colours too. I bought Emerald green and Lime green, and scored Coral and Denim Blue on sale for just $16 each the other day! They are perfect for a hot day, and an easy base for layering and creating stylish outfits. Now that the weather is heating up, I wear one of these dresses at least once a week. 

3.     Save or Splurge – what item do you think it’s worth spending more money on and why?
There are a couple key items I save for: 
Winter Coat - I feel the cold and wear my winter coat to death. I love getting a new one for my collection each year. This year it was a pastel pink mohair coat from City Chic and it was worth every cent. A great tip is to look on US and UK sites to pick up their end of season bargains on Winter Coats. I love getting a cut price coat from Dorothy Perkins or Next just in time for our winter. 
Swimming Costume: just as the winter coat is a cold season favourite, I'm not afraid to spend some pennies on great swimwear. I was tickled pink the other day to be able to score some Robyn Lawley one-pieces for a steal in their warehouse sale. Usually just under the $200 mark each, I paid a fraction of that and scored some of the hottest new swimsuits for summer. The quality is unbelievable and I would have paid full price in a second for them.
 If there are brands you love, it's absolutely worth following them on social media. I only found out about the Robyn Lawley Swimsuit Sale on their Instagram account. 
4.     If you could give us one piece of Fashionomics advice to look great without spending the childrens’ inheritance, what would it be?
I'm going to give three for the price of one - as who doesn't love a bit of value-for-money! 
1. Don't judge a book by its cover - or more accurately a shop by its reputation or your own preconceived ideas. I shop at Kmart and Target and Big W - and I often get compliments on those clothes. People don't have to know where it came from - but I always delight in telling them and seeing the look of shock on their faces. I got some absolutely fantastic bargains in Millers a few weeks ago - a store that I usually don't venture into as I thought it wasn't my style/demographic. I'm so glad I challenged my own store-prejudice as I walked away with some super bargains including this seasons hottest footwear - the slide - for just $6 and some lovely printed slouch pants for $12!
(Top from Target; Shorts Piping Hot via Target; Sandals from Kmart) 

2. Don't spend a bomb on a 'trend' pieces. It doesn't need to last forever - just one season. Think about the 'cost-per-wear' ratio, and keep it as low as possible for the seasons trending items. If you end up loving it, you can invest in a quality piece later... But until it proves that it's a 'stayer' in your closet - play with a cheap piece. 
3. Get creative with your styling. It's easier than you think to style the same piece into different outfits with really different looks. To challenge myself, for the whole of November I've cut my closet down to just a 30 piece capsule collection (that includes shoes) and everything I wear for the whole month must only come from those 30 items. Yep - that's a minimum 30 outfits from just 30 items. There's plenty of other brave fashionistas flexing their styling muscles and joining me on the challenge - check out Shop What You Got for styling & restyling inspiration. 
You can find Jo at the following social hangouts - hop across and say hi!


If you'd like to featured in an upcoming Fashionomics Friday Featured Blogger Post, drop me a line at, we're always looking for new fashionistas to follow!


  1. Love Jo's style. Great post. I'm going to try and come to the party next week.

  2. Loving her style and have added her to my Feedly feed! Thanks :)

  3. I just adore Jo. She's as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside - so, a LOT! Plus, the cheeky chops she calls her daughter? Oh My Goodness. What a darling!

    Plus, girlfriend knows how to pose and style and shop! Love her work x

    1. I'm with you Kim Marie!! Her daughter is just cuteness overload! x

  4. Thanks so much for hosting and featuring Jo. First time linking up here :)

  5. Thanks so much for featuring me! I can't wait to hop around the link party and get everyone's bargain tips


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