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Casing Katies for Summer Shorts

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!  The moment has come and I'm actually in. a. pair. of. shorts.  Not just one, actually, but three pairs!

I'm sure you've been following the saga of my shorts-phobia and thanks to Ms Mystery Case and Katies Fashion, here I am trying some out, just for you.

I announced last week that I HATED shorts and that I wouldn't be seen dead in a pair, unless I was gardening, running or some other solitary activity.  Raychel got on my "case" straightaway and outright dared me to find a pair that I would enjoy wearing this summer.

Well, any kind of style dare is a red rag to a bull so I got in touch with my favourite high street fashionistas, Katies, and asked them to join in the fun.

Every pair of shorts is $29.95 at Katies until next Monday and some are even in the sale at $15.

I spent a marvellous morning at Katies, Whitford City trying on all manner of S.H.O.R.T.S with varying degrees of success.  Some were great, some were not so great, but I did discover one very important thing.

There is a pair of shorts out there for everyone!

And Katies is a darn good place to start your hunt.  With every pair only $29.95, Katies have every base (including short stop, haha!) covered when it comes to shorts.  I tried on around ten different pairs until I found the ones that suited me best.

These are the three pairs that I chose:

Black Sateen Shorts with Belt (currently $29.95 - RRP $39.95).  I chose this one as obviously I wear a lot of black and the length was a good choice for my less than perfect thighs.  They also come in a gorgeous tomato red which I tried on.  They'd look great on someone with slimmer legs than me - I looked a little like a couple of frankfurters.

Linen blend shorts in Navy (it's a French Navy - very pretty), currently $15 in the sale, RRP $49.95.  I love a bit of navy and these are a really great, casual shape.  Again, not too short and not too tight.  

Capri Ultimate Pants (can we call them shorts?!) currently $29.95 RRP $49.95.  I know these seem like a bit of a cop out BUT hear me out.

These capris stop at the absolute slimmest part of your leg (except your ankle) which is just below the knee, making them supremely flattering.  A fitted capri can be worn with a longer tunic style top which you can't do with shorts and they are almost as cool in the summer.

Printed Short, currently $15 in the sale, RRP $29.95.  I didn't get these but only because they didn't have my size, otherwise I'd have been all over them.  They were so flattering and comfortable that I think I'm going to have to hunt them down at another Katies.

Of course, I can't just go and buy these without showing you what I look like in them, can I?  Deep are my outfit photos.  

Outfit One - Linen Shorts.  I teamed the blue linen shorts with a bright striped tee, low heeled sandals and voila.  An almost too easy casual look that doesn't look as if I've just rolled out of bed but is actually just as comfortable.

Outfit Two - Capris.  These capris are a flattering length on me but I don't love my thighs at the best of times.  The sleeveless urban-style vest camouflages them a little and contrasts nicely with the embellished, loose fitting tee (also, from Katies on sale for $15 but I can't spot it on the website).

Outfit Three - Tailored Shorts.  I think this is probably as dressy I can get in shorts.  I love a simple white shirt, half tucked of course and I'm trying out wedges with these shorts as they have a bit of coverage to the thigh.  Necklace is from LilyMay Accessories and is $35.00.

I'm actually really pleased with the way all of these look.  The shorts are comfortable and stylish - something I thought I'd never say!  We celebrated my conquering of shorts-phobia with a glass or two of fizz - cheers!

I'm going to share a few tips on short-shopping now that I've popped my shorts cherry.  I tried so many pairs on and they definitely didn't all suit my shape.

  • just like I said above, try on loads of pairs to see which shape suits you best
  • size up.  You're going to be wearing this on the hottest days of the year and the idea is to be comfortable in them
  • Make sure the waist band cuts across the middle of your tummy to avoid muffin top hell.
  • A half tucked tee is always a stylish combo with shorts
  • If you're going to wear heels, I'd suggest that you avoid ankle straps (unless you have the ultimate legs like the girl in the capri shot above!).  Shorts make your legs look shorter so an ankle strap would be a double whammy.
  • Side pockets give the perfect off-duty look to shorts and enable you to stand in that nonchalant way that we bloggers do in photos....

So, it looks like I'm going to have to hold up the white flag in the war on shorts.  I've been beaten.  I'm off to slap some fake tan on my legs!

Are you a shorts wearer?  Share you photos with Ms Mystery Case and me over on instagram with #shareyourshorts - we'd love to see you!

*I was gifted three pairs of shorts by Katies Fashion for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own.


  1. You look amazing in shorts Vicki! I particularly love the last outfit wight the white shirt, so classic. I'm not much a shorts wearer either but I do have a few pairs of culottes which I love :)

    xx H

    1. Thanks Hannah! I'm still to get some culottes but think they're an awesome alternative.

  2. Guess where I'm planning on heading as soon as possible. Just a tip if the store doesn't have your size, order online and have them delivered to your local store for free. Too easy.

    I love the look of the denim capri, although I would love a darker denim and next would be the tailored shorts.

  3. Well done - they look fabulous. I am afraid that I am still not convinced that shorts are for me. I am really conscious of my knees so that makes shorts very difficult. The capri's could work possibly so I will go and give them a go :-)

  4. Thanks Kate, my knees arey least favourite part too!!

  5. You look great in shorts Vicki. You don't have anything to worry about. I, on the other hand, still hate shorts. I'm afraid there are one too many road maps in purple and pink from my knees down and cankles there after, for me to be converted. Love them on others, but moi...sadly no. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Why thank you Deidre, they certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  6. Shorts are not my go-to item but I do have a few pairs of CR ones that I love. You look fabulous and oh so happy in the tailored shorts! xx

  7. From my few short months I've spent blogging and reading other fashion blogs, I have tried so many things I wouldn't have dreamed of . . . and it's such a buzz when they come off, it's like a whole new fashion arena is opened to you! Loving the tailored shorts especially.


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