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Beauty Review: Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation and Concealer

Maybelline Superstar Better Skin Foundation

I'm not usually a big foundation wearer during the day - a slick of BB cream and a swipe of concealer is all I generally have time for.  Of an evening though, I do love to wear a fuller coverage base as it's the perfect foil for a more dramatic eye or lip.  When I was asked by Nuffnang to review the new foundation and concealer from Maybelline, I jumped at the chance.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation is vitamin enriched and apparently improves your skin's appearance in three weeks leaving it feeling energised and looking healthier - very tempting!

I have very "normal" skin - not oily or dry and without any particular blemishes that I need to cover.  This is my "no make-up" shot - try not to scare small children with it!!

Maybelline Superstar Better Skin Foundation
Before - eek!
I applied it with a foundation brush and it was easy enough to get a nice, fine finish.  It's a definite matte result but without looking chalky like some long lasting bases.  I chose the colour sand, and on first application I thought it had too much yellow in it, but actually it matched my skin tone really nicely and even out my slightly red cheeks.

Maybelline Superstar Better Skin Foundation
Maybelline Superskin Better Stay Foundation
Colour Swatches
I went and tried all the colours out in Priceline and it seems like they are all on the warm side of the spectrum.

The foundation feels great on the skin - light and breathable. It certainly doesn't sit heavily and on my (slightly) mature skin it didn't settle in the cracks and crevice either.

I didn't apply any powder over the top as it simply didn't seem necessary.  

Maybelline Superstar Better Skin Foundation

The concealer (I chose the darker of the two shades - medium) comes in a lipgloss kind of applicator so you either need a concealer brush or use your ring finger to apply it.  I always end up choosing a concealer that is too light and reflects too much in photographs, but this colour was perfect.  It blended easily and like the foundation gave full coverage without being chalky.  It evened out the skin under my eyes nicely and after a few hours wear still looked as good as when I had applied it.

Overall, I'll definitely be using this foundation of an evening (though it has an SPF20 so totally suitable for daytime wear too).  The concealer will be part of my everyday 5 minute face from now on as it wears during the day really well.

Maybelline Superstar Better Skin Foundation
Full slap!

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation and Concealer are available at Priceline for $21.95 and $14.95 respectively.

*I was provided with these products by Nuffnang AU for review purposes - all opinions are my own.


  1. I wear foundation all day for work so coverage is really important to me. BB just doesn't cut the mustard in the shop environment - air con and bright lights really are a pain!
    You look fabulous with or without you slap on darling xx

  2. You look amazing with or without the war paint.

  3. Will have to try this one Vicki! You look gorgeous with or without makeup xx

  4. You are beautiful (with make-up it is even better, but I think it is the same with me and another women too) And especially color of your eyes, they are amazing!

  5. Can I ask you, what kind hair color do you use? It's very pretty. Thank you, J.


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