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I'm going to make a confession today.

I am shockingly bad at spending money on underwear.  I don't know why, but the idea of spending a lot of money on something that only two people see (not including the constant stream of children in and out of the bedroom whilst I'm trying to get dressed) seems at odds with my budget.

However, and this is a big however, I do think that a well fitting bra can make a MASSIVE difference to your double Ds.

Of course, you know the drill - I'm here to tell you that you don't have to spend hundred of bucks to find a bra that supports you like a couple of best friends and a bottle of wine.  But before I do, here's a very useful list of the items that should be making up your bradrobe:

  • t-shirt bra (underwired if you need - I need!) in nude and black
  • push-up or balconette bra if you need a bit of extra "oomph"
  • or, if you need a bit less oomph, a minimiser bra
  • a nude convertible bra that will take you from strapless, one shoulder, halter neck and beyond
  • two sports bras in super bright colours because I believe it's the only acceptable time to show your bra straps - you might as well make them look pretty!
  • a foundation slip in nude - they might make you look like a raw sausage, but they are marvellous for creating a sleek look under pretty much any dress.  I don't like sucky-in shorts as the potential to flash these in a gust of wind or whilst getting out of the car is just too high for me to risk!
  • A nude, well fitting singlet for under sheer shirts when flashing your bra is unacceptable I.e always.
  • Knickers, panties (ugh), undies or whatever you call them - if you can bear a thong then they are the best for no vpl, but if you don't like the cheese-wire feeling they give, then go for seamless Brazilian style Knicks in nude.

The first step, of course, before you invest any hard earned cash on encasing your boobies, is to get the tricky buggers measured.  It sounds obviously but apparently 105% of women are wearing the wrong bra size*.

If you don't want to go to a super swanky lingerie store that only stocks g-strings you could floss your teeth with, then the following places offer free fitting, too.

TARGET - offer a bra tape free which means you don't have to strip off in front of a stranger and offer up your chest like a virgin sacrifice - you can do it in the privacy of your own home. 

 The Target Bra Book is a great resource for how to measure yourself, and common bra-related problems that we would all like to know the answer to.

MYER - offer a complimentary instore fitting service and have a great range of bras at all price points.  They also have an online measuring guide, but no free tape measure - boo.

DAVID JONES - also offer a complimentary sizing of your assets in store with their trained lingerie fitters.  To make it even easier and to avoid waiting around you can book an appointment online.

BRAS N THINGS - I've heard great things about these stores and they too, offer instore fittings.  Their website, though, is pretty spunky and has a bra fitting video and this cool infographic too.

BraFitting Guide
Spectacularly helpful info from Bras N Things

Of course all of these stores are going to try and sell you bras whilst you get yourself fitted.  You are under no obligation to buy anything there and then and you can always use the line "I'm just getting myself measured but don't have time to shop right now".

My course of action would be to get measured and then order loads online (I hate trying things on in shops!) and try them all on in the (relative) privacy of my own bedroom.

For great value scanties, try any of the following retailers, all of which you can either return free online or in store.  Intimate apparel always seems subject to the best discounts too, so subscribe to their newsletters and keep an eye out for great sales.

Target - great range of bras, particularly in nude.  Prices range from $15 up.

Myer - slightly more expensive option but still some great bras with t-shirt bras starting at $25.

David Jones - again, like Myer, pricier than Target, but still good value underwired bras starting at $19.97.

Bras N Things - an overwhelming choice online here!  Again, you can return free in store so order a size up and down from what you've been measured at.

Bendon Lingerie - has 30% off online and offers free exchanges, too.

A final note on bunging your bras in the washing machine.  Apparently it's not good for them to get tangled up with your kids' football socks and you should invest in a lingerie bag.  Hand washing is better but who's got time for that?  And don't put them in the dryer either, it can do untold damage to the wires!

*Not a real statistic, but I'm pretty sure it's something like that.

Where do you buy your scanties from?


  1. I'm a weird size (8E!) So I am pretty well restricted to David Jones or Myer, and even then I can't get the brands that do my size in my local stores, I have to go into sydney cbd. Oh well, good excuse for a shopping trip ;)

  2. I recently went into Bendon and had the most amazing service-my bras all suddenly became too big after I finished breastfeeding I really needed to invest in some new ones. I had tried to order online and the bras just didn't suit me, so I am glad I got a professional fitting.

  3. I honestly think the style of undergarments can make or break your outfit. It's amazing the difference a perfectly fitted bra can make. Now I need to practice what I preach because I don't think I actually own anything that fits perfectly.

  4. I love my undies - especially matching sets! I do however object to paying Aussie much cheaper in the UK, hence why I mostly still buy online from M & S! xx

  5. I almost never wear a matching set because the matching knickers that come with my bras are usually not the type I like to wear. I like a moulded cup underwire balconette bra and I used to get fitted at a lingerie boutique or DJs, buy one and then hit UK stores to find the same style number and size for half the price.

    Lately, I've been buying my bras from the fabulous new range for big boobs from Bonds. Full price, they're $35 and they come in lots of different colours and patterns (hot pink leopard!) as well as the standard neutrals. They have adjustable straps and two designs. I also just bought their sports bra. It has a moulded cup, underwire and is super comfy. I've been wearing it under racer back tanks.

    As for knickers, well, I have lots of extremely pretty lacy silk and sexy ones - but they rarely leave the house. Although they get worn often.

    During the day, I tend to get about in smoothing undies (not suck 'em in knickers - they're the work of the devil). I buy a few more pairs every time I hit Kmart. I also love the shorts from Underwear of Sweden. Best knickers ever. I won't wear a knicker with a centre seam - hello camel toe!

  6. Oh and I'm totes down with a bit of bra strap reveal. No problem with that. I loathe minimiser bras. They give you bosom as opposed to breasts. Boob sausage roll.

    The trick to avoiding VPL is flat seams and tuck them under your butt, not across your butt. Although Solange Knowles rocked some VPL wearing her wedding jumpsuit and looked sexy!


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