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A Casual Outfit under Fifty Dollars

This post is brought to you in conjunction with Raychael over at Agent Mystery Case who recently threw down the gauntlet to come up with an outfit under fifty bucks.  Too easy!!

I wore this outfit to meet up with a few lovely bloggers at Kookery in Subiaco.  We spent a couple of hours putting the (blogging) world to rights whilst enjoying the owner's, Amy, cordial hospitality.

Onto the outfit:

The Jeans:  ASOS distressed boyfriend jeans bought for $17 a couple of years back.

For similar (and also bargains) try here and here.

The Top:  this SABA top featured in my restyle outfits and was a Salvo steal at just $4.25.  I recently wrote a post about some fabulous striped tees that are around for under $60, you can read it here.

The Kimono: another sale bargain, this time from Target.  I coveted this at its full price of $39 and stalked it until it was finally reduced to $14.25.

For similar great value kimonos, try here and here.

The Shoes:  the ultimate bargain scored on an impromptu Myers visit where I managed to get three pairs of shoes for $10 each - this was one of them!  They are an almost copy of an Isabel Marant pair that I'd lusted over for months so I was rather excited to get them for such a bargain price.

For similar, try here.

The outfits comes to $45.50, however if I add in my latest favourite accessory it pushes me over budget so I chose to leave it at home - much to everyone's disappointment.....

Sporting my new favourite thing - the selfie stick. $9, Kmart 
And here are a few of the coffee catcher-uppers in all our selfie glory (though it would've been a much better pic if they'd let me bring my selfie stick.....). My big bum, I mean bun, almost took out one of the bloggers, but that's a story for another time!

Do you have an outfit that costs less than fifty bucks and if so, why haven't you shown it to Ms Mystery Case yet??


  1. OMG too funny, the stick not the bun or your outfit! I honestly thought it was a little tiny extension not that massive looking weapon. I'm off to get one the minute the shops open. kidding. I think.

  2. You looked gorgeous in your under $50 outfit - now there's a challenge I must take up. Yes, it was a lovely catch up yesterday made all the more fun due to your 'big appendage' ;) Which to tell you the truth I didn't think was big at all until you mentioned it! Onwards and Upwards all Buns, I say :)

  3. Wow you look fabulous - love the whole outfit. If send you $50 can you go shopping for me? I'm rubbish at bargain shopping!
    Adore the selfie stick - so funny xx

  4. You are awesome. What a great outfit for under $50!! I struggled to find an outfit online to get under budget. I did it but I had to use thongs as the shoes to keep under budget! Love that kimono.

  5. Awesome work ladybug! A girl after my own heart!

  6. Awesome style at a bargain price


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