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7 Habits of Highly Stylish Women

You know the sort - they always look amazingly effortless. Never wear anything that doesn't suit them. Always look polished, even on their way to the gym. I am not that sort of person. It takes a considerable amount of effort to make me look presentable - I think it may have something to do with my un-tameable hair.

But, even though I can't claim to be effortlessly stylish all of the time, I do have some secrets to share about how others do it. I've put many hours research into these women (and do they research me back? Like hell do they!) and these are the 7 tips that I've come up with for looking fabulously effortless and knowing your own style inside out.

Invest in the classics. This seems like such an obvious statement but I'm going to change it up a bit by saying "invest in the classics that meet your needs". By that I mean, not everyone needs (or wants) a camel trench. A better choice for your lifestyle or climate might be navy peacoat or a black parka. Not everyone loves dark skinny jeans. You may prefer a boyfriend shape or a narrow flare. All of these items are classic pieces, but you don't have to own every single one.

Pick the piece that works best for you and invest in that. For me it is a camel trench as it doesn't get that cold here in Perth but it is likely to be showery - that makes a trench coat a great investment as I wear it lots.

Don't follow every trend. I know it's tempting, but you really don't have to buy into every trend that hits the high street.  I think this is particularly true as you get into your thirties and beyond when you're becoming more comfortable with your own sense of style.  So far I've swerved the crop top trend this season.  I can thank  my children for my less than washboard tummy and I know I could layer a crop top over a singlet or whatever, but I just don't see it working for me so I'm bypassing it completely.
Great on her.  All wrong on me.

Pick your trends carefully, work them into your look and by diggity dog, you'll have your own look!

Have your "thing".  I have a friend who always wears bold necklaces -
long bright beads and large pendants.  Whenever I see those kind of things when I'm shopping I always think "ooh, so and so would love that'".  That is her thing - the one thing that sets her style apart from everyone elses.

Kate gives good stud all the time and looks fabulous.

It doesn't have to be hugely statement-y, it could be as simple of always having nude polish on your nails or wearing diamond studs.  It's just something that helps define your own style.

My thing is probably stripes.  Oh and my massive hair/bun.

Cull, cull, cull. We all buy too much.  We are a nation of insatiable consumers and as such often have surplus in every area of our lives - in our fridge, in our kids' toy boxes and of course, in our wardrobes.

It's really important to go through your closet every few months and weed out those things that aren't working for you.  Whether you donate them to your local salvo or you give them to friends, get rid of them.

Photo Credit: Styling You

Nikki Parkinson over at Styling You wrote a great post recently about how to clear out your closet without needing wine - it's definitely worth a read.

Shop the unexpected. You don't have to buy everything at Country Road or Witchery to look polished and fabulous.  You can find unexpected treasures in pretty much every store.  Don't be afraid to try out shops you would normally swerve, you never know what you might find.

Don't try too hard.  This is a tricky one and I think it really does take a lot of effort not to try to hard - does that even make sense?  I read recently that Jenelle from Inspiring Wit would rather look undressed than overdressed (always!) and I think that is a great mantra to have.  There's nothing worse than turning up to a friend's barbie in heels and a race-worthy frock to find everyone else in cut off denims and Havs.  It's far cooler to arrive looking like you were just too busy being awesome to get dressed up.

Tips for nailing the "I picked up the first thing I found on the bedroom floor but I didn't really, I actually put a lot of time and effort into this outfit" are:

-style your outfit and then lose a piece, whether its a piece of jewellery or replace heels with flats,

-imagine seeing someone else in a similar outfit and envisage what you'd think,

-no matter how simple or low-key the outfit, a great leather bag is always a game changer.

Confidence is key. All stylish woman carry their heads high, confident that they look amazing.  They may not actually have felt like that when they stepped out of their front door, but they walk like they own it.  Slap on a smile, pull your shoulders back and greet your world with the confidence of a rock star.

Emmanuelle Alt - confidence by the bucket load

So those are my 7 habits of highly stylish women.  Do you agree - do you have any to add?


  1. Great tips especially to have confidence no matter what you are wearing!

  2. Agree with them! I really need to be ruthless and cull the excess in my wardrobe though.. I'm such a terrible hoarder!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Great tips. My 'thing' is definitely scarves. Thanks for linking with #IBOT.

  4. Great advice Vicki. I particularly like the 'don't follow every trend' one. So true. When I first clicked on this post I thought it said "7 Habits of Highly Selfish Women"! You've just given me a prompt for a blog post! That could be a funny one!

  5. I came here to read this article to determine whether I am even stylist. Phew ... I must be stylist I follow most of those rules. Although I feel its better to be over dressed than under. I don't mind standing out cause I look well dressed than the opposite. An over dressed person gets everyone looking at them and secretly wishing they wore that. Great post!

  6. I like your tips! I would certainly like to be one of the women who do this so effortlessly, but I'm no where near that yet!!

  7. Hey Vicki, I know a few polished women and I always feel like I just rolled out of bed. Another tip is to get your eyebrows waxed and hair cut/dye regularly to look polished. I have began a Pinterest love affair with French style particularly Emmanualle. Sometimes i wish i lived in Melbourne or Europe so I could dress up a bit more.

  8. I like these tips. I am the sort of person who doesn't feel the need to buy fashionable things, and would rather just wear what I feel good in.


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