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10 Comfortable yet Stylish T-Shirt Dresses for Summer under $100

I don't like shorts - it's no secret.  They are the universally most unflattering item a woman can wear.  I know they prevent sweaty inner-thigh in the summer and I know that they are super practical if you're bending over, or whatever, but I DO NOT LIKE THEM.  It could be to do with the fact that I do not have Elle McPherson's legs, but as summer comes I dread the thought of the awful "S" word rearing it's ugly head.

Ms Mystery Case and I both agree on this subject but we're trying to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone with a #shareyourshorts challenge....I'm yet to be convinced!

Reasons I hate shorts:
  • they chop your legs in two at the widest part, i.e your thigh, which can never be a good thing
  • you can't wear heels or wedges with them without looking like you're touting for business
  • too short and you flash your bum cheeks, too long and you look like you should have a compass and be building a bivouac

I will, if I must, wear them for running when it's hot or to the gym but anywhere else?  No sir-ee.

I have a couple of friends who, admittedly, look rather fabulous in these god-awful things (you know who you are, LB!) but no, not me.

I'll be taking up the challenge soon with Ms Mystery Case to find a pair of shorts that I will actually wear out in public (what I wear in my garden is my own business!) but until then I have the perfect summer, laid back alternative.

Behold the t-shirt dress.

The t-shirt dress is the perfect choice of garment when you are bombing around in 40 degree heat trying to get shit done.  If you don't already have a handful of these in your closet, you are missing a trick or two, because:

  • You can wear them with thongs and look laid back
  • You can wear them with sneakers and look "urban-sporty"
  • You can wear them with espadrilles and look edgy
  • Stick on a pair of wedges and you're a bit dressed up
  • Chuck it on over leggings or skinny jeans and you're ready for a cold spell

Have I convinced you yet?

If not, here's ten more reasons to get yourself one, all for under $100 each.
t-shirt dress
The Iconic, reduced to $19.98*

t-shirt dress
The iconic, $29.99*

t-shirt dress
The Iconic, $49.95*

t-shirt dress
The Iconic, $24.95*

t-shirt dress
The Iconic, reduced to $35.97

t-shirt dress
The Iconic, $69.95
t-shirt dress
Target, $25

t-shirt dress
Sussan, $79.95

t-shirt dress
ASOS, $24.95 
t-shirt dress
ASOS, $35.98

I hope I've inspired you to try out the humble t-shirt dress!  What's your go-to summer dress style to keep cool?


  1. Oh I love a striped t-shirt dress. I mentioned on another blog comment the other day that it's the last remaining piece of maternity wear I just can't part with, 20 months after the fact. Do like that Target one though. Might be time for an upgrade (and farewell that forgiving ruching!)

  2. Hi Vicki :) I am also an honorary member of your "I hate shorts" club. The tee dresses you have featured are a great alternative and super cute. Love your blog. xx

  3. You may need to challenge me to get into a tshirt dress because for me they either accentuate the lumps and bumps or I just end up looking like a sack of potatoes. The height factor or my lack of it, comes into play here. I'm thinking I either need to move to a colder climate or go into hibernation for summer.


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