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10 of the best striped tops under $60

I love a good stripe and a recent post from Redcliffe Style for her "November Style it Project", made me think that perhaps it's about time to invest in some new striped tops.  I have a few (A FEW!!) but they're looking a little worse for wear and a couple could really do with replacing.

Here are ten beauties, all under $60 and a few tips on how to style yours.

Sussan, $39.95

Glassons, $19.95*

Target $20

Target $15

The Iconic, on sale at $19.95*

The Iconic, $39.95*

Bohemian Traders $59.95

Birdnest, on sale from $59.95 down to $29.95

Supre, $15

Sussan, $49.95

And, from someone who wears stripes almost daily, a few tips on how to wear them.

Mix with some other stripes!  It may sound a bit odd but it's the easiest type of pattern mixing to pull off.  Make sure the stripes are different widths and of the same colour family and you've got yourself an outfit.

 Layer, layer, layer.  I can't remember who said this, I've got a godawful memory, but I read somewhere that an extra layer makes the outfit.  Don't be afraid to wear a couple of layers over a basic striped tee - in the summer it could be a lightweight waistcoat and sheer shirt.  Add a couple of long necklaces for a laid back look.

Stick with the neutrals. Pairing a navy striped tee with a neutral skirt or pants is such a simple, no fuss outfit.  Here I've added a jacket in the same colour family as the rest of the outfit because I'm a patternmixaholic.

Match your background to your outfit.  Just kidding - what I meant to say was that layering a striped too over a lightweight blouse adds interest and a great contrast if you choose a colour from the opposite side of the colour wheel.

Easiest outfit ever. Striped tee + distressed jeans + bright scarf = my everyday style.  I could wear an outfit like this every day and never feel under or over dressed.  It is perfect with sandals for everyday and with heels for a night out.

Are you a stripeaholic like me?

*this post contains affiliate links.  If you are kind enough to click through and then purchase something, I may earn a small commission.


  1. I love strips. You may just have talked me into going shopping! Love a couple of the links you've shared here.

  2. Love the Bohemian Traders one - it's in my wardrobe waiting for me to pick it! Oh and I love the Style it Project Katies Shoulder Zip tee - because I chose it!

    Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday.

  3. Stripes are the best friend in my closet, always reliable!

  4. Can we please go shopping together and soon? I do own two striped tops but I'm struggling to style them. Perhaps we should really start with my wardrobe and by that I mean burning the lot and starting again.


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