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Perth Life - The Myer Giftorium is open!

Did you know that it's only 65 days until the big man arrives in his sled to bestow your little angels with gifts beyond their wildest dreams??  No?  Well, let me tell you, that if you're like me and you've done a big fat nothing towards the festive prep, then Myer have come up with the answer to all your Christmas prayers.

The Giftorium experience was launched across Australia to a selected group of media and bloggers.  I was lucky (LUCKY!!!) enough to be on the guest list and I spent Friday revelling in Christmas cheer with my two little girls.

The Giftorium is a totally new way to shop for Christmas and from what I saw, it promises to make it pain-free too.  I hate trekking from store to store, looking for just the right thing for someone and I hate ordering something online only for it to turn up and be a disappointment.

The Giftorium is an entire floor in every one of Myer's 67 stores across Australia that is filled to the brim with Christmas gifts for everyone you can imagine.  There are little luxuries for mums, cool hipster gifts for trendy teenagers and scrumptious surprises for the foodies in your life.  Everyone is catered for, but that's not all..... bring your jingle bells this way and I'll tell you more.

Myer Giftorium

From 8th November, every Giftorium will have free fun activities for all the family, including
  • magicians, wine tasting, coffee and tea samples galore.
  • There will be an army of Gifticians at selected stores to help you choose the perfect festive gift with ease.
  • The Giftoriums will be awash with santa's little helpers (the elves are just the best fun!) to make your shopping trip even easier.

Myer Giftorium

Myer is introducing a microsite to its website where you'll be able to:

  • Book an appointment with a giftician (no queuing!)
  • Book a time to meet SANTA!! (no queuing!)
  • Browse the massive gift selection

They're also offering same day Elf-Delivery at all the major CBD stores for those customers who've shopped up a storm.

The launch of the Giftorium was a such an incredibly fun morning. My girls had their faces painted, took home balloons and the lolly buffet, provided by The Sweet Cart was absolutely beautiful.  

I love Christmas and I got a real buzz of excitement walking around the floor, seeing all the staff in costume and watching the children be entertained by the magician. 

Myer has certainly hit the seasonal sweet spot with its Giftoriums and I'll be visiting again soon - I have my eye on some rather lovely scented candles!

Do you enjoy Christmas shopping or are you all "Bah Humbug" about it?


  1. What fun! I bet your girls loved it. That candy cane costume is pretty crazy.
    Must catch up soon! This year is flying by!

    xx Jenelle

    1. Thanks Jenelle, and yes, we must try and get together before Xmas is actually here!

  2. Love that you can book a Santa visit!! Have only taken the kids to see Santa in the City at Myer once & it scarred me for life!! 😉. Might be brave enough to give it another go!!

    1. Haha, Shannon, there'll be so much to keep the kids entertained I don't think you'll have the same problem this year! I feel your pain though, queuing with kids is akin to pulling your fingernails out...x


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