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Frocktober || Week One in Review

Phew!  Week one is O-VERRR!

7 different dresses,
6 different hairstyles,
5 swimming lessons,
4 pairs of sandals, 
3 paws on the floor,
2 barefoot children,
And a week of Frocktober is done!

Please consider donating just a few dollars to my Everyday Hero page - raising money for Ovarian Cancer Research is what Frocktober is all about (not just me flouncing around in frocks....but it's about that too!)

Roll on week 2....I think.


  1. I wish I'd heard about this challenge earlier . . . I do love a good frocking!

  2. You are ROCKING those frocks. Go you!
    Such a great cause and you're doing a fab job at promoting it.
    C x


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