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Frocktober 2014 - get your frocks on!

Yes, it's that time of year again when the slightly deranged amongst us pledge to wear a dress EVERY day in October to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research in Australia.

Ovarian cancer is an insidious disease, often known as a “silent-killer” as symptoms are vague and often strike without warning. Unlike many other cancers there is no early detection test. Consequently ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in its late stages and only 20%-30% of women will survive beyond five years of diagnosis. In comparison, survival rates increase to 80-100% when ovarian cancer is detected and treated early. 

Frocktober has been running since 2007 and has raised over $800,000 in funds for OCRF.  There are loads of ways to get involved that don't involve wearing a dress every day!

  • The 31 Day Challenge: Don a frock for the whole month, a week or just one day, and get sponsored for it! You could even wear a different dress every day (or the same dress for 31 days!). Borrowing frocks from friends and family is half the fun! Or, how about a week, or fortnight, or every friday?
  • Challenge your mates: Have you seen Donna sporting anything but pants since wearing that purple taffeta number at a wedding in 1987? Put some money on it, and get those unlikely few to step outside their comfort zone for a good cause!
  • Frock Friday: Ask your colleagues to get involved, and book out a Friday to have some frivolously frocky fun at work, and pass a hat around.
  • Frock-tail party: Invite your frock loving friends for a fun night good-times, with a few frock-tails (and a frock-mock-tail).
  • Dude in a dress: Guys can wear a dresses too! Get your gentleman friends to frock up but if they're not keen, getting a little fancier than normal is super fun too!
  • Frock swap: Between you, Shirley and Laverne there are bound to be some 'diamonds in the rough' hiding in your wardrobes. Reusing dresses is so Frocktober!
  • Morning / afternoon tea: Call your frockish friends; turn the kettle on, put out some dollar-dazzling slice and your event is complete!
  • Keep a Frock Blog: Set up a blog for the month, and keep a diary about your dresses, where you found them and what they mean to you.

It's entirely up to you but I urge you to do a little something or you can sponsor me!  I'd love to raise $500 so even if you can only afford the price of a skinny latte I'd love for you to help raise money for this cause.  CLICK HERE!

Here are my first two frocks of the month - there's going to be LOTS more!

Do you have enough dresses to wear a different one for each day of October?


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