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Fashionomics Friday Link Up! Featuring my mini Katie's Fashion Haul

Welcome to the second edition of Fashionomics Friday - last week's link up was a great success, so thank you to everyone that linked up their blogs and those that stopped by to check out what Fashionomics is all about.

Fashionomics is all about looking great and spending less.  Buying something you've lusted after in the sales - Kerrrching!  Or finding a great value alternative to something too pricey for you to afford - Result!  Fashionomics is what we do to sneak style into the grocery budget.

Redcliffe Style rocked a maxi skirt worn as a dress this week - Fashionomics masterclass, ladies!

Is it a skirt?  Is it a dress?

So, without further ado, I'd like to present my two fabulous buys of the week - both from high street store, Katies.  I'm having a bit of a love affair with Katie's of late - they've started to design some really current looks and their amazing sales always tempt me to find something special.

The first piece I bought was this great sheer top.  It has a camisole inside too which is fab, but to be honest it could be worn on it's on without flashing too much flesh.  It appealed to my love of monochrome but I loved the pop of cobalt blue.  A snip at just $15 instore.

Scarf Print Top $29 online, with an extra 50% off instore

This next dress I'd spotted on My Mummy Daze a few weeks back and was desperate to get hold of!  It was reduced in Katies today to an incredible $25 and lucky for me they had my size.  Happy days!

Pop Ikat Maxi Dress, $49 online, with an extra 50% off instore

I wore the Printed sheer top to meet Nikki Parkinson at her Brands and Blogging workshop when she visited Perth this week.  It was such a thrill to meet Nikki, she's been my blogging idol for such a long time and is such a great person in real 3D too!  She even complimented me on my outfit, so I was a bit starstruck....

Nikki and I, in matching monochrome!

I then wore the maxi dress for Frocktober day 29, and had quite few people ask where to was from which is always a good sign!

Have you bought something fabulous this week, or found a new way to wear an old favourite?  Link up now and feed our Fashionomics Frenzy!


  1. I think you look better in that maxi dress than the model! Isn't Nikki Parkinson gorgeous. She look like a young Olivia Newton John.

    1. Thank you so much PP! I do love Nikki, she's so gorgeous in the flesh too.


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