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AlphaStyle || A is for Accessories

Show me a woman who doesn't love jewellery and I'll show you my ass - only kidding, ain't no-one wanna see that!

Seriously though, it's true when they say that accessories make an outfit - the simplest tee and jeans is taken to another level with a stack of bangles or a statement necklace.  A little black dress becomes suitable for any occasion with the right baubles or beads.

I'm always torn between delicate, fine chains and statement necklaces.  I veer from delicate diamond studs to huge Rihanna style hoops.  I think it's great to have a "look" that screams your style, but accessories are a cheap and easy way to change up your look.

I've scoured the shops (such a chore!) and come up with my favourite hits - all less than $100 a pop.  What's not to love about that?

Statement Pieces

Big, bold earrings or necklaces look fabulous with simple outfits.  The high street is simply awash with this kind of jewellery, and it's usually a bit of a bargain.  Have fun with these kind of pieces as they don't have to last you forever.
Statement Jewellery - A is for Accessories

Fine lines

Delicate jewellery has had a real surge in popularity of late.  Fine chains and pendants are layered together for an "undone" kind of look.  Delicate necklaces look best when they are different lengths and a handful of wire-thin rings is about as chic as it gets right now.

Pearls of Wisdom

I'm loving all of the pearls that seem to be popping up in almost every jewellery collection.  We have a lot to thank Chanel for!  Pearls, particularly naturally creamy ones are universally flattering and look pretty darn awesome with every kind of outfit.  
Pearls of Wisdom - Alpha-Style

Are you a style swapper when it comes to your jewellery or do you stick with your signature style?

*products marked like this contain affiliate links, and if I were lucky enough for you to purchase something after clicking them, I might make a few cents to keep The Fashionable Mum going :)


  1. Oooh I love me some jewels and accessories. I'm a statement necklace and ring kinda girl. I rarely spend a lot on jewellery - that's my husband's role haaaa.
    I LOVE that pearl ring - LOVE!
    C x

  2. Yup, I'm in the market for a pearl ring this Xmas, I think.....need to work on hubby, haha!

  3. That freshwater pearl bracelet is calling my name!

  4. I'm on a real statement necklace binge at the moment. The brighter and blingier the better. Lovisa has certainly made a killing from my current obsession! I tell myself when they're no longer in style, my toddler daughter will love them for dress-ups. So really, I'm making an investment for her :)


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