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Alphastyle || G is for Gold

Oh how I love to wear gold in the summer.  It's reminiscent of sunshine and beaches and all things glowing.  Gold looks just amazing with a tan (real or fake) and works so well with neutrals and brights alike.

When I got married I was adamant that my rings would be platinum and I'm still pretty happy with that choice.  However, mixing metals is perfectly acceptable nowadays so I very often wear an armful of gold bangles without worrying about it clashing with my rings.  

Sussan have got an incredible array of gold this season, from clutches to jackets and jewellery.  I pretty much want to buy one of each...

All available online at

Gold adds a touch of luxury to an outfit, and I've checked out the shops so that you don't have to.  Here is my pick of great value accessories so you can get the Midas touch without raiding the mint.

River Island at ASOS, $67.38

Colette Hayman, $29.95*

I'm particularly loving that oversized watch from Colette Hayman, such a great statement buy!

Are you a gold or silver girl in the summer or do you wear both?


  1. Love the Molly clutch. I'm still waiting on mine. There was an issue with the colour I ordered. Hoping it arrives soon.

  2. I walked past my local Sussan the other day and was amazed at just how fabulous the gold window display looked - I might be heading back in that direction to bag me the gold jacket! xx I wouldn't mind that Molly clutch in my life either xx


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