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Alphastyle || F is for Fringe

Fringing is having a bit of a moment right now.  Not a massive "we're all going to be wearing tassels and fringing all season" like ugly sandals are, but a "add a bit of fringing to your handbag and you'll look super cool" kind of way.  I think the really hip people call this a micro-trend, which is a much more succinct way of putting it.

Anyway, fringing is here, do with it what you will, but I'm going to give you my two penneth on how you should incorporate it into your existing wardrobe.

  • One piece of fringing is enough.  Any more than that and you risk channelling Calamity Jane - not a good look...though Halloween is just round the corner, so it might work.

  • keep the rest of your outfit simple and streamlined.  Nikki Parkinson calls this a "show pony" in her Unlock your Style book - a piece that adds interest to an otherwise simple look.  Too many show ponies in one outfit and you may be mistaken for an actual show pony.
I really think one garland would've been plenty, love

  • fringing lends itself to neutral colours, I don't know why.  Use it with brights and it all goes a bit Strictly Come Dancing.

So, onto what the stores have to offer.  I'll be honest and admit that I didn't find as many pieces as i thought I would.  There are a lot of fringed bags out there but not much else.  Maybe this is more of a miniscule-trend than a micro one!

BCBGeneration Dress, ASOS, hugely reduced to $53.00

ASOS Fringed Festival Necklace $11.54

ASOS Fringe Detail Top, $48.08

The Iconic Festival Shirt, $62.50

ASOS Suede Bag $86.54

Target Fringed Kimono, on sale $10

Tony Bianco Sandal, $139.95

Witchery Fringed Tank, $69.95

It goes without say that I wouldn't be investing big-style in a fringed item, I think they're going to be a one season wonder, but saying that, I do rather like those sandals.....

Would you wear fringing?


  1. In general, I'd have to say I'm anti fringing. I mean, there are people who make it look good in an certain outfit/look but there are SOOO many cooler alternatives. Like a little lace trim, perhaps, or... I dunno, no trim at all? haha. I suppose I've just seen it done wrong too many times.
    Steph x


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