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AlphaStyle || D is for Denim Dresses

I love wearing jeans, but when the weather warms up, they're just not that practical a choice.  Second best would be a denim dress - just as laid back as your jeans and just as versatile, too.  They're perfectly trans-seasonal, too, and work over leggings and layered with cardigans and scarves.  In a Chandler Bing voice - "could they BE any more versatile?".

Choose a shape that works well in your wardrobe.  A fitted shift dress would be fabulous for work under a little blazer.  A maxi denim dress is a great choice if you spend a lot of time hanging around in playgrounds over the summer.  A denim shirt dress is probably my favourite style and can be worn open over another dress for a different look. Whatever shape you choose, make sure the denim has a bit of stretch else it won't be as comfortable as it looks, or go a size up so that the buttons don't pull.

Here is some inspiration for you to show you how versatile they can be.


I have a couple of denim dresses that I drag out year after year.  This season I'll be making them look current by teaming them with my Birkenstocks or metallic slides (which I'm yet to purchase.) or possibly sneakers for those days were I'm constantly running around i.e everyday.

I've had a look through the usual suspects and found a few really nice specimens - some are a bit more expensive than I'd normally be recommending but I do feel that a denim dress could be an "investment buy" which is code for an excuse to spend too much on an item which you then justify by using the old cost per wear formula.  There are some great sale buys out there, too.

Big W, $29 - this one is as cheap as chips.  A basic A-line shape with cute pockets, this would look good styled like number 6 above, with the breton tee.

Trenery, on sale $44.96 (down from $179) - what an incredible price for this chambray dress!  It looks so easy to wear and the slight elastic at the waist gives it a great shape.

Trenery, on sale $50.56 - another absolute steal from Trenery.  This is one of those places that I'd love to shop at but it's usually out of my budget. I like the length of this dress and the fact that it is so very simple.  Would work well with some layered necklaces.

Country Road, on sale $56.22 - great value for what looks like a really versatile dress.  I love the quilting detail to the neckline and the elasticated sleeves. A good choice for wearing through to the colder months, too.

Birdsnest, $109.96 - a bit more expensive now but just as versatile  The tabbed sleeves make it a good choice for any season and apparently there's a press-stud between the buttons where your boobies sit, for us well endowed ladies!

Country Road, $179 - wayyyy out of my budget and a bit of a wish list item.  I'd be keeping an eye out to see if this goes into the sale.  I love the trench coat detailing to the shoulders and the larger pockets, just fab design details that Country Road always deliver on.

Do you have a denim dress or will you be purchasing this season?


  1. love this post Vicki! I just bought a denim dress at the Salvos the other day, a sleevless shift dress. I think it's going to be perfect over summer :) xx H

  2. I don't own a denim dress but I love the Big W one about (fabulous price) and the Trenery shift (oh my goodness that one is cute) xx

  3. I love denim and I love dresses! They are the perfect combo. I love the midi, dark denim dress. Sooooo nice.

  4. Geez I haven't owned a denim dress for years. Maybe when I lose some weight Vicki!


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