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AlphaStyle || B is for Beachbags

We have had swimming lessons for the entire two week school holidays and when I dragged out my trusty Boden beach bag from the laundry closet, it was not a pretty sight.  The oilcloth, which is lined with cotton had gone a little, um, moldy and it smelt, well, interesting.

Finding the right bag to take to the beach is no mean feat.  When you have three kids, you need three towels, plus all the usual beachy items.  No cute little wicker baskets for me, I'm afraid.

I'm always drawn to rather nautical designs, but that's not to say there aren't a million other choices out there.

Here are my pick of the bunch - let me know which one is your favourite.

Sisco Stripe Beach Bag, Birdsnest, $26.95

Condura Beach Bag, $19.95

Beaches Be Crazy Bag, The Iconic $29*

Charlie Beach Bag Set, Jeanswest, reduced to $19.99

Roxy Good Times Tote, City Beach, $19.99

Seafolly Sailor Stripe Tote, Myer, $44.95

Leopard Print Beach Tote, Target, $20

Paper Straw Beach Bag, Target $10

River Island Gold Stripe Beach Tote, The Iconic, $53.24

I think the last one is my absolute favourite - stripes, bling and a pop of neon?  What more can a beach bag need?

Are you in the market for a new beach bag this coming summer?

*items marked thus are affiliate links and if I should be lucky enough for you to purchase an item after clicking, I will earn a few cents towards the upkeep of my blog - thanks for clicking!


  1. The blue and green target one- and only $10- what a bargain!

  2. Oooh LOVING the leopard Target bag , and for only $20 I think I NEED it ;)
    C x

  3. I'm with you, that last bag is sensational!! Mind you, like you, I need size & substance over sizzle in a beach bag!!

    1. Shannon, it looks HUGE though - big enough for even all my cr@p!


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