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That's a wrap! Restyle in focus and my funniest photos

Wow, well that was just awesome.  The month of Restyle is officially over.  30 outfits.  30 photos and lots of laughs on the way.  I've now donated back the disastrous outfit that featured in Tomboy, check out that post here.

Even before Restyle began I was an avid op-shopper, but this process has cemented in my mind that if you have the time to spare, an Op Shop can turn up some incredible treasures.  Some of the pieces I have found during Restyle have become firm favourites in my closet.  I have had to have quite a clear out to make room for my new finds, though, and took a couple of huge bags to Salvo Whitfords this morning.

Before I start to have panic attacks about the upcoming runway shows (TWO OF THEM!) I thought I'd share some of the less stylish photos from our shoots.  My photographer husband thinks I'm hilarious and apparently I almost always close my eyes just as he's taking the photo, so we have loads of pictures of me looking like I'm sleepwalking.

I am also prone to fits of the giggles....

Pulling stupid faces.....

Mucking around......

 And last but not least, "the mum face".....

I hope you've all had a laugh at my expense - as you can see, my life as a fashion blogger is not without it's funny side!


  1. I think you did an amazing job. Can't wait to see you on the runway.

  2. Thanks for all the inspiration. I think I should head down to salvo whitfords tomorrow!


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