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Target "Runway to Rack" - A Review

I've no idea how I missed the launch of this new designer inspired range at Target, but miss it I did!  I spotted a photo on instagram of the Target Runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and knew I was missing something a bit special.

Target Runway to Rack - how fabulous is this matchy-matchy outfit?

Now I can't find this outfit on the Target website nor in my local store, however, according to Target's Facebook page, it is due in this week.

There are some other rather lovely pieces in the range though, and I hotfooted it down to my local Target to check them out.  I rather expected them to be in pride of place at the front of the store (like the Danni Minogue range was recently) but found them lurking, a little unloved, in the business wear section.

These are the pieces that my local store stocked - luckily they had my size in pretty much everything so I thought it only best that I go and try them all on!
All items from Target Runway to Rack

Double Layer V Dress $99- I almost didn't try this one on as it's not my favourite shape of dress.  Ususally the waist is cut way to high for me, leaving me looking like a preschooler.  This one, however, had a much more sophisticated shape and the length was perfect for someone who can't still wear miniskirts.  I wouldn't actually purchase this but I was very pleasantly surprised at the fit and the quality (love the zip at the back!)

Print Drape Skirt $79- this is at the top end of what I would pay for a skirt, but when I tried it on I was totally won over.  The fit and the length were just perfect and I love the fluidity of the pockets.  I couldn't be bothered to take off my opaque stockings, but it would look a load better with tanned legs and heels.  The waistband was deep and had a nice overlapped detail to it too - totally love it!  I also tried on the indigo of the same skirt and it was just as great, but the print for me was the winner.

Print Longline Shirt $79 - if you're a fan of leggings or cigarette pants, then this shirt is perfect for you.  It's long enough to cover any lumps and bumps that you're not keen on and is a great fluid, chiffon fabric.  The placket neckline is not revealing either.

Drape Cut-Out Dress $99 - oh. my. word.  When I saw this dress online, I just knew that I'd love it.  The indigo colour is just perfect and the fit was amazing.  The cutout back was modest though you'd need to do some jiggery-pokery with bra straps.  It's a really current midi length too. The price at $99 is absolutely a bargain too, and it felt really high quality.  I was totally sold on this and it took all my willpower to put it back on the rack.

I'm looking for an outfit for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival and this could be it.  I think I'd team it with some silver high heeled pumps and a silver clutch....swoon!

All in all, I'd definitely go and check this range out as it seems to be flying off the rails.

Oh and by the way, the Target Runway is appearing at TPFF on Saturday 20th September at Fashion Central (located at Forrest Place - you know, by the odd cactus thingy!).  I'll definitely be checking out their runway looks.

 What do you think of Target's Runway to Rack range?

*not sponsored, just a big ol' fan of Target :)


  1. Love everything. I must go and take a look. Thank you for sharing. V x

  2. I've always been a fan of Target. Their stuff just seems to be good quality. It lasts through more than 3 washes unlike some other chain stores merchandise.

  3. I'm looking forward to 'casing' this range when and if it ever hits my local store. It possibly has but I've been a tad distracted and not wanting to add to the chaos that is my wardrobe before I'm back in shape.


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