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How to get ready for an event, inspired by Inspiring Wit

Recently, the beautiful Jenelle of Inspiring Wit wrote a post about getting ready for an important event, such as a wedding, black tie or WALKING THE RESTYLE RUNWAY!  As you know, myself and the other glamorous restylers will be strutting our stuff on the runway this morning (!!) and Sunday.

Jenelle's post has loads of useful information including choosing an outfit and making sure you're happy with your hair and make-up.  I thought I might share my week in the run up to our first runway on Friday.....

SUNDAY || today was the day to drop of my outfits for the runway at Fashion Central, this made everything so very real! I wandered nonchalantly down the stairs to back of house with my husband and 3 kids in tow, to be treated to the site of a gaggle of stunning models, in their scanties trying on their outfits.  Hubby and kids were swiftly dispatched and I left my outfits with the lovely floor manager, Des.

Sunday was also the only day I had to shop for my outfit to wear to the Camilla show on Saturday night.  I was keen to try and get it in under $100 so I could share it in Ms Mystery Cases' recent outfit competiton. The shopping gods were smiling on me when I found the 75% off rack in Myers, result!

MONDAY || realise my hair has more twinkly greys than I'd thought and start to panic that I need my roots and more sorting.  After much wrestling with my conscience (and household budget!) I bit the bullet and booked myself into Maurice Meade at Whitfords. Hubby and son both off sick so spend the day tending to "man flu".

{image: Maurice Meade}

TUESDAY || on waking, son complains of itchy eyes (last week both girls had time off with conjunctivitis) so I offer to put drops in - he refuses and we have a "don't come crying to me tomorrow when your eyes are all stuck together".  I think about getting a pedicure then realise I can't find the time to fit it in around kids' commitments so do my own toes whilst writing a blog post and eating my lunch.  Re-do them when I realise I've got bits of tuna stuck to them...

Walk the dogs on the beach.  Our MASSIVE staghound Dixie gets spooked by a staffie (go figure) and jumps up my back. She is taller than me on her hind legs and manages to score her claws all down my arm and leg. The result is a large bloody scratch and a bloody hole in my calf.  How glamourous.

Stupidly stupidly massive dog

WEDNESDAY || first thing in the morning, son comes in crying that his eyes are stuck together...lots of drops later he finally deems himself fit to go to school.  I then sit through an assembly to watch littlest daughter get her very first school merit certificate.  Race around looking for a flouro tee shirt for same daughter to wear in her dance concert next week.  Race to hairdressers and sit calmly for a couple of hours whilst the lovely Alice works her Maurice Meade magic. On to Teeball training where I sit and do my nails whilst helping littlest daughter with her homework and doling out strawberries.  I manage to smudge all of my nails and will have to do them again tomorrow.

THURSDAY || interschool sports carnival until lunch, then on to pick up some jewellery to wear at the weekend. (I've got such an exciting collaboration to share with you next week!).  Try not to sweat so that my perfect hair isn't ruined for tomorrow. Fail miserably and swear profusely at the glorious Perth sunshine.  Redo my chipped manicure whilst daughter is at ballet and fend of requests to buy my other two McDonald's for dinner.

Things I didn't quit manage to fit in....
-spray tan
-shellac nails
-any kind of scrubbing of off dry skin or face masks...

So, not the most glamorous of weeks in the lead up to Restyle, but at least I'm there, on time... at least I hope I am!!!

I hope you can come and watch us walk the runway today at 10am, it's going to be super exciting!

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  1. You looked amazing on the Restyle runway Vicki!!


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