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Four Fresh Ways to Wear Nautical (without looking like Capt. Pugwash)

The start of Spring always makes me want to break out the stripy tees and blazers.  Oh, what?  I wear them all year round?  Oh yeh, that's true, actually, but I want to wear them even more in the Spring!

Nautical is a trend that never goes out of fashion, it's never 100% in fashion either but as the weather warms up, it's the perfect time to channel some cruise wear and get those Breton tees on.

It's a fine line between rocking the nautical look and veering into fancy dress territory.  I've got four new ways to wear it without looking like a sailor and using lots of stuff you already have in your closet, too.

Capt Pugwash (did you even get this in Australia in the 1980's??)

1. Mix up the stripes.

I'm an advocate for less is more, usually, but I do love a bit of pattern mixing.  Mixing stripes together is easy peasy, and makes the nautical trend look very modern.  Choose two different width stripes in the same colour family and you're good to go!


Penny Pincher Fashion Blog

Image Source

2. Add an unexpected pop of colour.

Navy and white (or cream, stone, beige, whatever) are a great foundation for a nautical look,  but take it to the next level with an unexpected pop of a bright jewel tone.  Emerald, citrine, mustard or turquoise are great choices.  Avoid red unless you want to look like the Australian Flag.....

Image Source: Pinterest

J Crew


3. Spots not stripes

Although stripes are thought of as the foundation of the nautical look, you can make it work and give it a new spin by using spots instead.

Boden (item no longer available)

French Voguettes

And if you fancy trying something different, mix spots with the stripes!

Me (again....)

4.  Keep "Sailor Paraphernalia" to a minimum.

If you like all of the nautical details, like anchors and lifesavers, then I'd suggest you keep them small and dainty.  Over doing the nautical motifs leaves you at risk of looking like a pensioner on her annual cruise....

 Nautical necklace, Esty, $29.90 (I love this!!)

Anchor Ring, ASOS $152.50

Delicate Anchor Necklace, Etsy, $17.22

How do you wear your stripes for spring?


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