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Coffee?? But I was going for a run!

Disclaimer:  just because I am a stay (work) at home mum does not mean I go for coffee with my friends every morning.  Nor do I always forsake my exercise routine to enjoy skinny lattes.....ok?

You know that moment when you've just dropped the kids off....your mobile tweets and it's a friend asking if you're free for coffee.. ARGH!!  I was just going for a run, you text back...WHATEVS! She replies, just get your ass to Gloria Jeans, we have things to discuss.

Now the run, of course, can be done, caffeine-fueled, post catch-up.  However, you are dressed in your oldest lycra bottoms and a tee-shirt emblazoned with "ACME FITTINGS:  WE GIVE THE BEST SCREWS".

Fear not, oh un-exercised one!  I have the pick of the "coffee ready" sportswear that doesn't make you like you're about to drop and give ten burpees in the queue for your latte.  I like to call this look not "luxe-sportswear" as most have coined it, but "latte-sportswear".  AND it'll leave you enough spondoolicks to actually afford the double-shot-soy-holdthefoam-mocha.  Believe me, it's gonna catch on.

Mine's a chai latte "latte-sportswear"


  1. The only issue I have is the whole "leggings aren't pants" mantra- I prefer to run in crop pants rather than pants that cling to everything! If I do wear my specific compression running leggings, my running tops are usually long enough for me to do coffee afterwards with my running group, but I personally couldn't run in standard leggings. Although with summer coming up, I am definitely in the market for running shorts instead!

    1. Haha, I know what you mean about the leggings thing. I can't run in loose pants though, no idea why!


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