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Upixel - something for the kids (big or small!)

I don't know about your house, but currently ours is filled with small people (mine and various visiting play daters) guffawing about filling each other's houses with chickens and getting eaten by creepers.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about then, lucky you, for it means you haven't been infected by Minecraft fever.

Minecraft, for the uninitiated is a multi platform game for kids (and adults, apparently) where you build things out of pixels.  The fun seems to come from building and then destroying other friends' creations - go figure.  It looks to me like something from the 1980's when games were so pixellated you could hardly tell what they were supposed to be.

Pixels are de rigueur at the moment, so my son was thrilled when we were gifted with a pretty special backpack from UPixel.  Their backpacks (and iPhone cases, handbags and other items!) have a kind of rubber face that you can attach brightly coloured pixels to, creating your own, unique design.

My son spent ages choosing what to create on his backpack, and finally settled on the box of TNT that features heavily in Minecraft.

His bag has been a huge hit at school with his Minecraft minions, and I'm thinking there'll be a few featuring on Santa's Lists this year.  You can find out more about these crazily unique products over at Upixel.

{I was gifted with this item for consideration, but my opinions - and my son's - are all our own}


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