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Tomboy || Day 12 of Restyle2014

Now this one I can do!  I probably wear fairly tomboyish things most days - flat skate shoes, denim shirts and boyfriend jeans are my current winter uniform.  So, for this prompt I wanted to mix it up a little and try out some different things.

My eight year old daughter always calls herself a tomboy - to her it means wearing skinny jeans and denying her love of the colour pink.  The official definition contains the phrase "wears masculine clothes", and that is exactly what I've chosen for this shoot.

These chinos are DKNY and are most definitely mens'.  The cut of the waist is far higher than on women's pants and the leg is much more generous.  However, I think they look cute quite teamed with this Merino wool sweater which was a steal from Salvos, too.  It had a couple of teeny holes in but I soon sorted those out with a needle and thread.

The overgrown puppy photobombing this shot is NOT from Salvos, but kind of a doggy opshop as she was rescued and put up for adoption.  I swear she won't stop growing.....

JAG Merino Sweater $6.25 || DKNY Chinos $3.75 || White Button Down $6.25, all Salvos Balcatta || Leopard Print Heels, The Iconic (current)

I have a feeling this outfit may end up being seen again on Day 31!  It looked cool in my head, but I'm not sure it translated in real life - haha, I guess we can't get it right all of the time!


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