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Texture || Day 29 of Restyle 2014

I had high hopes for this prompt and envisioned myself scored a fabulous leather skirt, or jacket, or maybe a wonderful velvet coat.  The opshop fairies were not smiling down on me when I was shopping for Texture!  

After quite a few fruitless trips I happened to catch one of the assistants at Salvos Maylands popping this vest onto a rack.  I almost snatched it out of her hand (yes, I am THAT girl when I shop!) and was thrilled to see she'd marked it up at a very reasonable $7.25.  

I'm really pleased with it as the colour is great, it doesn't shed (unlike the other furry thing in these photos!) and will look great with jeans and a simple tee or denim shirt.

I decided to have a go at a bit of a 1970's theme here.

Warning: tread carefully with vintage themes if you are over 35 as it can often look as if you are still simply wearing your clothes from that period, rather than channelling the vintage vibe.....

Anyway, hopefully I don't look too much like a 70's groupie in these pics.  The dress I'm wearing is about 10 years old and from UK high street giant, Monsoon.  The dog, who is normally incredibly photogenic is Jess the wolfhound cross and she is about the same age as the dress.

This little collage shows just how difficult it is to co-ordinate a photo with a dog in it.  Yep, she'll sit nicely, but will she look at the camera??  No siree, and I know it looks like I'm trying to stop her from running off, but actually I'm trying to just lean on her nonchalantly.  Major photo fails.  Which reminds me - I'll be doing an out-takes post on the 1st September, featuring some of my most classic cock ups, of which there are many.  Stay tuned! 


  1. I really love this outfit on you Vicki!! Your puppy is so cute too x H


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