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Spots & Dots || Day 10 of Restyle2014

Phew, Sunday already??  How did that happen?  I'm sure you can tell by these photos that we didn't take them today.  I am not at a footie game with my son, nor am I at home in my jammies drinking coffee.  These were taken last weekend on a trip into the city with the kids.  They find it hilarious to watch mum try and get changed in the car without flashing her "booblies" as they call them....

Can I just get this out there - I am not a polka dot kinda person.  I have one item in my over-stuffed closet with them on, and this red shirt now makes that two.  I didn't like the shirt on it's own, so I did my standard trick of teaming it with stripes.  How is it that stripes work with absolutely bloody everything.  No wonder French people always look so darn stylish (no stereotyping here, guv).

The trousers I'm wearing are also from the Salvo.  I'm pretty sure that they're mens' dress trousers as the waistband is veering into Simon Cowell territory, however, I love the wide legs and they're my perfect length, too.

Red polka dot shirt, Salvo Greenwood $7.25 || Cream Wide Leg Pants, Salvo Balcatta $3.75 || Striped jumper, New Look || Red Sandals, Clarks

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and that your Sunday is full of sunshine and cuddles, just like I'm planning mine to be.  


  1. MY comments aren't posting! Gah!

  2. I'll try again... Not sure who Simon Cowell is but I like the trousers! Spots are tricky, they can so easily be tacky. I have worn them on the blog before, so decided to keep it minimal today too. xx Jenelle

  3. The spots and stripes look so good together! Love the bright colours with the white trousers. X


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