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Sheer || Day 9 of Restyle2014

How are you enjoying Restyle?  Are you feeling the love for your local op shop?  I'm now a regular at my local Salvos (the one in Whitfords) which is run by a lovely bunch of ladies.  The find for this prompt, though, came from the Salvos over at Osborne Park (hint: lots of verrry cheap shoes to be found in this particular one!).

I like a good kimono and have a couple (possibly more, but who's counting) in my closet already.  I'm not a big wearer of floral, but the fact that this has a dark background appealed to me (and my former Goth self...).

I've teamed it with black harem pants and Birkenstocks for an easy weekend look.  In fact, these photos were taken on an early morning weekend visit to King's Park to watch the sunrise over the city.

Sheer Kimono, Salvos Balcatta, $7.25 || Cuffs, Kmart $10 each (current)

Here's to a great Saturday and more fabulous Restyle pics from my amazing followers.  I'm grateful for every single like and comment on my blog, instagram and Facebook - you lot are da' bomb! xxx


  1. Love your jacket - looks great on you!

  2. I love a bargain from the good sammys

  3. My comment yesterday didn't work! Love the kimono, I am all about dark flowers too. Goth huh? Photos? Go on
    ! Show us! :) xx Jenelle


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