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Pastel || Day 5 of Restyle2014

The idea of wearing pastels strikes the fear of god into me.   I do not wear pastel colours and so I struggled (again!) with this prompt.  I found this beautiful chiffon pleated skirt early on in my opshopping frenzy, and I tried it on time and time again to try and put together a pastel outfit.  Each time I got more and more annoyed with the bloody skirt and almost took it back to the Salvo!  Then it dawned on me that the reason I was struggling so much is that I was trying to wear ALL pastels.  I don't like pale colours next to my face - they make me look tired and well, a bit old (eek!).

Then I had an a-ha! moment.  I tried on one of my favourite sweatshirts, which just happens to be Breton striped and then the outfit all came together.  This is the finished look.

Chiffon Pleat Skirt, Salvo Whitfords $8.25 || Breton Sweat Big W || Peeptoe Heels, Nine West || Lionhead Chain, Lovisa (current)

How are you getting on with your prompt for tomorrow - outerwear?  I'm rather pleased with my find at my local Salvo...all will be revealed tomorrow!


  1. That skirt is devine Vicki!! Love it. Want it! X

  2. Great idea to team it with navy stripes!

  3. I love it with the navy too. We both found pleated skirts for today, nice. :) xx Jenelle

  4. I love the skirt, but then I am a blue eyed blonde and therefore a big fan of pastels ;-)


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