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Outerwear || Day 6 of Restyle 2014

Perth does not have much of a winter.  Ok, we have a few super-chilly mornings when a coat is totally justified, but by lunchtime it has usually warmed up enough to start shedding the layers.  For this reason, spending a bomb on a coat that you'll only wear for a couple of months (and for a couple of hours each day!) each year seems false economy.  Op shopping is ideal for this kind of purchase - they always seem to have racks of coats, particularly vintage ones, just begging for a home.

Grey Wool Coat, $12.13, Salvo Balcatta || Striped Tee, Piper at Myer (current) || Grey Denim Shirt, Kmart (current) || Jeans, Target || Slip On Shoes, The Iconic (current)

This coat was from Salvos Greenwood and was a steal at just $12.  It's pure new wool and from the English high street giant that is BHS.  I teamed it with jeans and flats for an early breakfast with friends in Kings' Park - they couldn't believe what a bargain I'd found!

Phew, we're almost a week into Restyle 2014 now.  I've been following all of you Restylers on Instagram and you're doing an awesome job!  Don't forget to use the hashtag #Restyle2014 to make it easy to find your photos.  See you tomorrow with my take on "tailored"!


  1. oh man I LOVE that coat Vicki! I've been searching for a long line blazer style coat for a while, yours is just perfect! xx

  2. The fit is perfect! I brought a coat over from Adelaide, but have pretty well just been wearing the Restyle ones I found this winter. Spending a lot of money of a coat does seem wasteful in Perth, very true.
    xx Jenelle


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