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Online, be mine! - Metalicus Skirts

This is the first of a series of posts where I share my current online crush with you - hope you like it!

You may've noticed during Restyle that I've been wearing rather a lot of skirts, and there are more to come!  I'm normally a big fan of dresses and pants so it's a nice change to wear something a little different.  The advantage of a skirt, of course is that it's super easy to change up the way it looks - different tops, jackets, shoes all mean a completely different outfit. 

Last weekend, whilst taking a break from Restyle photography (phew!) I popped into Metalicus, which is a store I don't shop at that often.  I've been meaning to check it out for ages now, as the concept of "one size fits all" intrigues me.

The one thing that strikes you about Metalicus is the simplicity of the cut of the garments.  Everything is superbly well tailored and despite the odd flash of citron and cobalt, are all in my favourite shades of grey, navy and black.  You could say that I was like a dog with two, er, tails....

Anyway, I was particularly taken with the Frida Twist Skirt and the Marlini Skirt, which look like such a great base pieces for a capsule wardrobe.  They're both $99.95 which is the top of what I'd pay for a skirt, but they are such very versatile pieces, I'm feeling rather convinced.

The Frida Skirt in Cobblestone (grey to me and you!!)
The Marlini Skirt in Cobblestone (yup, still grey!)

The Frida in Biro - perfect look for everyday || $99.95

The Marlini Skirt in Black || $99.95

I'm pretty tempted to order both skirts online from Metalicus, as they'd fit so easily into my current look.  Perfect with slouchy tees and flat sandals for daytime, and dressier with a silk tee and heels for evening!

I'm feeling a new obsession coming on...look out, Metalicus, you could be seeing rather a lot of me in the near future!

Do you shop at Metalicus?  How does the one size fits all idea work for you?

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Metalicus and I was compensated for my time to write this post.  All opinions and reviews are all The Fashionable Mums'.


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