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Monochrome || Day 15 of Restyle2014

Good morning, Restylers!  I just want to let you know, before I show you my photos of today's outfit that I couldn't be more in my comfort zone than if I were snugged up under the duvet, with a latte and  a good magazine. THAT'S how comfortable I am with today's prompt - monochrome.

There's a lot of black and grey in my closet.  Not so much, white actually, but those three colours are the making of a great monochrome outfit.

I found this amazing little jacket early on in my over-excited Restyle shopping and it could've worked for Day 21 (stripes) or Day 20 (animal print) or Day 26 (cropped) so it was a great buy.

Even better, it was the half price colour on the tickets at Salvos, so it was a ridiculous $4.13!  I teamed it with a black A-line dress I've had for a long time and some ankle boots, which were thrifted last year.

Jacket, Salvos Whitfords $4.13 ||  Dress, Events || Ankle Boots, Salvos || Necklace, Forever New

Photos || Paul Thompson, my rather talented husband

Restyle 2014 is supported by the amazing Lotterywest

I've just noticed that I'm standing with my hands on my hips in three quarters of these photos - no idea what that's all about...

I hope you had fun with Monochrome, and now we are officially half way through Restyle - August is going by so fast.


  1. This look suits you perfectly Vicki and that jacket is just gorgeous! I really love how versatile this prompt is, all of the Restylers have been able to style it to fit their personal look so well! x

  2. I have been enjoying looking through your restyle outfits and omg lady, you have nailed it each, and every time!! Great ideas so far.

  3. I have no idea how my hands get on my hips in photos either, nor how much jackets land on my shoulders, not through my arms. Oh well. Love this look on you and black and white. Keeping it clean! xx Jenelle

  4. Love this look, my fave so far and gorgeous necklace too! x

  5. this one is my favourite, because I am somewhat of a monochrome fan. Gorgeous photos! x


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